Impassive (A Fairy Tale)

I love fairy tales, so Im going to write a fairy tale nd with the main character not a princess but well u will see how it goes!!

Chapter 1

The Past Will Always Haunt Me

The forest seems like a treacherous viper, slyly trying to attack its fangs into you with its twisting ways. But this forest at one time was my home. It can't hurt me. It's accepted me. the forest makes clear who it suits and who discards. I'm one of the lucky ones.
I sit aloft of a canopy tree, waiting for a deer or something to walk by. I've done my job for 3 years now. I've mastered the skill of hunting.
Nothing can stop me.
I've known no other life than this. I was born here, raised here, and will live my days out here.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Prey is in my sight. I set the arrow into the bow, focus on my target, and release.
It falls flat on its back. Its dead.
I go to retrieve. It dawns on me that I killed something living. Yet, I can't see a problem with that.
Any other woman would be crying their eyes into waterfalls. Me, nothing comes out. No screams, no cries, no pain.
I feel nothing. Not that I'm a cold person. Inside, I feel emotions about to burst but then they stop.
I live in a world surrounded by magic, royalty, spells, and curses.
My curse was bestowed on me a long time ago when I was about four. I hate thinking about that part of my life because I remember everything as if it were yesterday.
I remember when I could laugh out loud or cry in my mother's arms. I can't be a normal woman anymore because of my lack of emotions. People have stereotyped me and given a man's work.
In my head, I hear myself ask why I could kill something. I had to. Or we won't eat. See the problem with these conflicting ideas? I saw some fairy above throw pixie dust throughout the forest. I wiped it off my shoulders. Magic infuriated me.
No magic in the world could lift my curse no matter how many times my grandparents tried.
Yes, my real parents are gone. Dead or alive, I wasn't sure. My grandparents told me they just vanished when I was born. Afraid of having a child? A responsibility? I hope not.
I hear my name in the wind. My village is calling.
'Elena the girl of stone'
I imagine they talk behind my back. I wish I could hear minds. But I can hear the wind when it touches me. It always has a new message to convey to me. It's beautiful and acts as a relief.
I drag the deer with me, all tied up ready to be butchered by the local butcher.
'Elena stay strong
I smile at this new message. I sigh with some new encouragement. How long can a curse last? Where is the devil who thrust upon me for a thing I had done against her to make her mad at me?
I've asked and got no answers. But now I smile again. Because tomorrow I turn 16, this is important because I'm technically not under my guardian's protection. I'm free to leave if I wanted to.
But I won't.
I can't
But I must find that pixie who did me wrong for twelve years. She took my childhood away. Leaving me with all these emotions inside me with no way to let loose.
If this is my fairy tale, it has taken too long for my story to be told. I may not have a wicked family, or be trapped in an enchanted castle or being a puppet but what I have to deal with is worse than those tragedies all together.

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