Seeing past the living. (original story)

~ Hope you enjoy it~

Chapter 1

Living a dead nightmare

by: Seeha
BEEP! BEEP! My eyes snapped open alarmed.
I shot up and groped for the alarm's cord, the moment is slipped in my fingers I ripped it out. The alarm gave one last beep like it was swearing at me before dying.
I sighed in relief, freezing and listening for any trances that "Him" was awake.

"Him" is my stepdad. My mom wanted me to call him 'Dad' but I kept saying no and calling him "Him", not that it matters she's dead anyway but I still hear her, mostly when I'm alone. He hates being called that but I don't care. I nodded to myself when I abolutely know he's still out.

Slipping quietly out of my bed, I crept to the dresser and looked in the mirror. My red brown hair looked like a rat's nest and my green eyes were still misty with sleep. Sighing, I just combed through my hair and pulled into a ponytail.
After taming the 'beast' I poked around my closet looking for something to match my mood. Every peice of clothing I had was black. I guess it's my color theme, I told myself everyday. I decided with black skinny jeans, a black cami and to top it off, a black leather jacket.

I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, I flipped it open.

"Hello?" I asked my voice sounding raspy.

"Come on Allie," Veronica's voice filled my ears, "I'm out front."

I gaped, shocked "You are?" I walked to the window pulling back the curtains to get a better look. Sure enough there she was the window rolled and her arm sticking out waving for me to hurry. "I'm coming just hold on," I mumbled grabbing my purse from counter.

"Going somewhere?" a raspy old voice asked behind me. I froze knowing who it was. Remaining emotionless and calm, I turned even though every fiber in my being was telling me to high tail it out of there. Him stood impatiently waiting a beer in one hand while the other scratched his pot belly stomach once in a while, his gray hair sticking out like some mad scientist. I gulped, forcing myself to look into his beady eyes.

"I'm going to hang out with Veronica," he gave that 'and what else look', "then I'm spending the night at her house." I finished lifting my chin to show I wasn't scared. His beer can suddenly flew through the air heading straight toward my face. I jerked my head to the side avoiding it as it flew past me and hit the wall with a loud clang. I lifted my phone from my side and lifted it to my ear.

"Listen you might have to wait a while," I said forcing it to come out clear.

"Okay, I'll see you when you're done." I hung up, imagining her in her candy red mustang, closing her phone, and then bowing her head to pray. For me. I focused back on Him.

"I got to go." I started toward the door. A glass bottle came out of nowhere slaming into the door, glass shattering flying in different directions and landing around me. I realized I was shivering, I felt the blood drain from my face as I heard his heavy footsteps coming up behind me.

I felt his hot breath on the back of my head, then one of his hands crepted to the back of my neck then slowly moving to the front. Instead of his hands the usual hot and sweaty they were cold like stone. I looked down slightly but just enough to see his hands. I almost screamed in terror, his hands weren't pudgy anymore they were long, white, with long claw-like nails. His breath was now near the side of my face.

"Allie, Allie," he cooed, his nails digging in slightly, "it'd be a waste if something bad happened to you." I closed my eyes has he again tighted his grip "You better be come back," He growled releasing his grip, "Or I'll have to come find you."

I turned looking at him as he walked away, back to me. I glanced at the hand that held my throat. It was normal. I blinked shocked as I walked to Veronica's car, could I have imagined it? I thought I shook my head impossible not even Him's hand could do that.

I dissmissed the thought along with the image as I climbed into Veronica's mustang. She looked at me with concern but didn't say anything, this is one of the many things I like about her she doesn't ask questions about what happened, or what he and stuff like that.

We didn't talk for half an hour just silence as she drove. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. Her strawberry blonde hair hung in thick locks shaping her heart shaped face, her blue-green eyes focusing on driving, her lips pressed in a thin line as though she wanted to just explode into talking.

"So how's Ryan?" I asked, Ryan was her as every girl called him "Mr.Perfect" boyfriend. They only called him that because he was a jock and his "perfect" golden hair.

"He's doing awesome but he almost broke his ankle last night" she said "I told him to be more careful and he said ok honey I will just for you." she giggled.

We stopped as a redlight glared above of us. The moment it turned green everything slowed down as though it was slow-motion. I saw a Smi through Veronica's side window driving at full speed at us, as though he couldn't see us. Or just didn't care.

Veronica turned her smile gone and her face white. Before I could scream her name or anything. The world turned back to normal the moment the Smi hit us.

The glass shattered as we were hit, the car dented in. I couldn't do anything as though I was dead. Even though I wasn't. We flew threw the air, landing heavily on the ground, rolling a few times then skidded to a stop.

The world was gray and fozen as though it was dead as well. then white-see through figures desended from nowhere, walking outside the car inspecting it. I looked at Veronica. Her head was at a akward angle, her face bloody and scratched.

A white figure bent down near her window. He looked like a guy just by judging his body structure but I wasn't sure since I really couldn't see it's face. It looked at her then grabbed her arm and pulled it, I wanted scream but no sound came all I could do was stare unable to say a word. As it pulled a white see through clone of her was tugged free.

The others glanced at her then at me, they stared for a few moments then they disappeared. The figure pulling Veronica after him turned one last look at me then was gone along with her.

I was frozen as I heard Him's voice repeating those last two sentences over and over again in my head like a sound track. What's the point in living anymore? I asked myself I have nothing to live for. Him was right I am stupid. I closed my eyes letting the darkness swallow me up and hoped it led me to a better place.

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