Applefern and Gingerfoot

Chapter 1

Capter one

Applefern yawned in her nest as the dawn patrol was just leaving. 'About time, as well,' she thought. The young warrior stretched and her tail tip touched the bramble net ceiling. Applefern yawned once again and almost bumped into Gingerfoot. "Sorry," she murmured, sounding embarrassed. "It's ok, Applefern." Gingerfoot answered. She blushed and dipped her head as she walked out of the warriors den. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a heartbeat before Gingerfoot came walking up to her again, a vole hanging from her jaws. “Thanks a bunch!" Purred Applefern. "How do you manage to get around so quickly?" She asked. He just shrugged. He sat beside her and they ate together. When the two young cats had finished, Featherstar walked out of her den and onto the High Ledge. "I wonder what this could be about," whispered Applefern to Gingerfoot, who just nodded. "Let all cat old enough to catch their own prey, join us here beneath the High Ledge for a clan meeting!" Featherstar called out the usual summoning, and tired looking cats came walking sleepily out of their dens. Applefern glanced quickly at Gingerfoot, who just flicked his tail and winked. "I believe that we have some new apprentices to name today," Featherstar stated. "Apparently the nursery is getting a bit crowded." Featherstar chuckled. “Trust me, Featherstar!" called out Leaftoe who had older kits climbing over her. The attention went back to Featherstar. "Stonekit,Mudkit,Lakekit,Ripplekit and Flightkit. Come up here." The five nicely groomed kittens walked confidently up to Featherstar. "By making new apprentices, it shows that MoonClan is getting stronger. I hope these new ones can become great warriors to remember. Stonepaw, Mudpaw, Lakepaw, Ripplepaw and Flightpaw, do you promise to become great warriors by all you will learn?" Featherstar gave them an affectionate look when they all yelled out "I do!" at the same time. "Stonepaw, your mentor will be Crestflight. Mudpaw, your mentor will be Hawkpebble. Lakepaw, your mentor will be Breezerock. Patchfur will mentor Ripplepaw, and Gingerfoot will mentor Flightkit. Gingerfoot, who was standing next to Applefern gave a whoop of delight and went over to stand with his apprentice and the other mentors. They touched noses and walked off proudly together. Featherstar jumped off the High Ledge to show the meeting was over and went to back to her den. "Can you believe it?" Gingerroot’s voice came from behind her. She purred in delight and licked his shoulder. "Well done! You are very lucky to have a great cat for a mentor Flightpaw," Applefern said. The apprentice nodded enthusiastically and the two cats walked off together. Mewing a goodbye to Gingerfoot, Applefern walked away for the hunting patrol.


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