Boom. Evidence That Foxface Committed Suicide.

Chapter 1

Found a Link! Ba-Bam!

Everybody (especially Kailee) is like, "Oh, GraceAnne, if you're Foxface, then you're really dumb! You ate poisonous berries! Ah dur dur dur!"

Ba bam. Looking for pictures of Foxface, and guess what I found?

This supports my Foxface story and personal theories. I'm a nerd, I realize. But a cool nerd. And I also found an article somewhere that said that Jacqueline Emerson, who played Foxface in the movies, knows her real name.

It had better be Mercury, or else my life is ruined. But it won't be. xD

Yeah. I'm a dork. Deal wid' it, foo'! (That was my "cool" attempt. FAIL.)

But yeah. Good to know that I'm not insane in thinking that Foxface cannot be outfoxed.

I'm still rambling.

Uh... Foxface.



Like Fred Weasley.

And the Hitachiins.

Specifically Kaoru.

Gingers are cool.

But blondes have more fun.

Mostly because they're mostly slùts.

Except me.

I ain't no whòre, foo'!

I kinda don't wanna go to sleep.

Oh well.

Hope you enjoyed my mindless rambling about Foxface, ginger, blondes, slùts, suicide, etc.



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