Day dreams or Nightmares?

Lillian likes to be special. She likes thinking of the perfect love, chatting on Galactic Empires, watching Lord of the Rings types of movies and watching science fiction shows on tv. But are her wishes fake or reality?

Chapter 1

chapter 1

by: Irishsong
I woke up not knowing what time it was, not knowing what Mom would have me do today, not knowing what I wanted to do besides playing Sims 3. I knew I wanted to enjoy my Saturday, to do what I wanted. Why would that be so hard?
Mom had a different idea.
"Let's clean the yard!" she said. She was always perky. At age 50, she was older than most of my friend's mothers. But that didn't stop her. She loved to do yard work, hang laundry on the clothes lines that Dad had strung from the garage to the house. I loved my family. And they loved me.
My dad was one of those guys who could do anything. He would fix anything from a bench that he had made a few years back to a computer program. He had ties too, connections to almost every type of person you could think of. This helped for when he needed a truck or another guy to help with a job.
But my community was degrading. Every day, more guys who had an evil glare to their eyes moved into town. They eyed red hair that fell in curls with lust, at my fair skin with unkind ideas swimming through their heads. It bothered me greatly.
A particular boy was named Drake seemed to stand out among the others. He was their ringleader. If he wanted something, he got it. He had a tattoo on his abs. Other girls thought he was a sight for sore eyes, I found nothing appealing. His attitude was crude, as was his language. I was a book smart girl and half the time didn't understand what he was saying. The boys were starting to use too much slang. Everyday words were being used for bad purposes. It filled me with regret.
But he was convinced to win me over. He wanted me to be his girl, even if he had to force me to be. So he confronted me while I was reading on the beach of the lake. I could see he was trying to be curtsies, but it wasn't working for him.
“Hey, girl. How ya been?"
Naturally, I didn't answer. I continued to read my book and ignore him. He knew that I didn't appreciate him standing there.
"I said hey girl! Hellooo!”
“Please go away. I have no interest in talking to you right now.”
“Well that’s too bad.” He plopped onto a chair next to me. He smelled like he needed a shower. My brother sometimes smelled like that. It defiantly wasn’t appealing. His hair flopped into his face and all over the place. He had been swimming, so all he did was slick it out of his eyes. At least I hoped that was water.
I turned a page in my book. I wanted him to go away.
“Wha-da-ya say we go swimming, huh?” I was wearing a white sundress and no swim suit what so ever. He knew this. I looked at him. He had a glare in his eye. He was eyeing my chest with lust. I quickly got up and started towards the house. No one was home at the time. I wonder if he knew this too.
He reached for my arm. I tore away and started running. I take it he had practice running; he quickly caught up to me. He again grabbed my arm.
“Come on girl…” he said under his breath.
He tripped me and I fell to the hot sand.
“Get away from me!” I shouted. But why would he listen? It was nothing to him if I wanted to be stripped of my clothing or not. He reached for my shoulder strap. I kicked him in the gut and scrabbled away, but he caught my ankle. “Let me go!” I kicked at his elbow and it buckled, but he didn’t let me go. He lifted his fist as though to punch me, but it never came. Instead, another boy came and tackled him to the ground.

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