Everybody's Waiting, Everybody's Watching.....(A Hunger Games Fan-Fic)

Everybody's Waiting, Everybody's Watching.....(A Hunger Games Fan-Fic)

Happy 100th Hunger Games:-)
That's right, this would be about the 100th Hunger Game, ooooh, it's also a Quarter Quell:0

Chapter 1

Characters/May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Name: Kiara Raina
Age: 17
Black Hair
Green Eyes
Height/Skin Tone: 5'4, Fair Skin
District: 12
Bio: Kiara won the 95th Hunger Games, when she was bearly 12yrs. Old. Nobody, not even her, knows how she won. She came back to her best friend, Ace Goldenheart, and her family. When she turned 16 she started going out with Ace. She will be the mentor for District 12 for the 100th Hunger Games!
(Picture On Top)

Name: Ace Goldenheart
Light Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Height/Skin Tone: 5'9, Fair Skin
District: 12
Bio: Ace has been best friends with Kiara all his life. She has had a crush on her since he could remember. When he turned 17 he decided to ask her out, and to his surprise, she said yes. He is madly in love with her, but what happens when he gets chosen for the 100th Hunger Games?
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Main Songs For Story:
Eyes Open-Taylor Swift
Safe and Sound-Taylor Swift

I entered the stage with Haymitch, Peeta, And Katniss. All past winners from The Hunger Games. They introduced us, and our people from District 12 clapped.

Today the 100th Huger Games begins, and it begins with the reaping. But this is no ordinary hunger game, it's also a Quarter Quell. For this Quarter Quell the president specifically picked the one tribute out of the six that were entering from each district. Also the names were mixed together, so, the District can either have five girls, or five boys, or mixed.

"Okay,"said Tinka,"let's see who would be the proud tributes from brave District twelve."

Effie had retired after I won, she said it was time for her to get away from all this. Sine then we have Tinka, she is just like Effie, but more hyper you can say.

She reached down the bowl and grabbed the first name. My stomach was tied in a knot. I was worried for Ace. Today is his last year to get chosen, and I prayed all night for his name not to be reaped.

"Pip Gray,"she announced.

I knew Pip very well. He was seventeen, tall, skinny but build, blue eyes, and black hair. He made his way to the stage and everybody stayed silent.

"Okay, next we have,"said Tinka, reaching down again,"Alison White."

Alison is twelve, had long brown hair, with green eyes. I could see disbelief in her eyes, as she made her way to the stage. I remember when I was in the same position she is right now. But I didn't have any Katniss to volunteer for me, and I could see neither did she.

"Gage Cena,"said Tinka announcing the next tribute. Gage was eighteen, gray eyes, blonde shaggy hair. He didn't seemed surprised he got reaped, he was probably expecting it. As he made his way to the stage my eyes locked with someone who Gage had passed, Ace. He smiled up at me and I smiled back at him.

"Luna Twilt,"Tinka announced the next name. Luna was eighteen, tall, black hair, gray eyes.

"And the last name from this glass is,"said Tinka with a bright smile. I felt sick, how could she feel happy about this? People were dying, children were dying,"Star Twilt, oh I bet she's your sister? Isn't she Luna?"

Star was Luna twin and they look exactly the same. Luna simply glared back at Tinka, as Tinka bounced from excitement. She looked like she could rip Tinka's throat out in any moment. Wouldn't that be interesting? Star got and stage and went to stand next to her sister.

I felt a bit better, Ace name had not been called, but the president has chosen one...who will it be?

"Okay, let's see who President Snow has chosen to be our last tribute of the day,"said Tinka as she looked over at the huge screen.
Everybody turned there attention towards it also.
"And our tribute is,"said Tinka. A few seconds later a familiar face appeared on the screen with his name, Ace Goldenheart.

I felt my heart stopped, as Katniss and Peeta quickly grabbed me by the arms, holding me back.

"Ace Goldenheart make your way up to the stage!,"said Tinka with excitement,"We have such a great collection of tributes!"

Ace's eyes were locked with mine as he made his way to the stage. I wanted to stand up and ran to him, but Peeta's and Katniss's grip on me was pretty solid.
"One more thing to do is announce the mentor that will help one of this lucky tribute win....she already know who she is, so, come on stand up,"Tinka smiled at me.

I stood up, and I heard everybody gasp. Everybody knew my relationship with Ace. The others tribute's family looked at me shocked, and I knew they were thinking that I wasn't going to help their children, but they'll get the same advice and practice as Ace.

I looked at Ace and he seemed angry. Angry that I hadn't told him, or angry because I was going to see his death?

DON'T THINK LIKE THAT!, I yelled to myself inside my head.

"Let the hunger games begin! And may the odds be ever be in your favor!,"said Tinka bouncing up and down like a little girl.

District twelve was complete silent, you could of heard a pencil being dropped from a mile away. This reaping would go down in history, not only because for the first time six tributes were chosen, but also because for the first time everybody had a chance of winning, and it was all up to me.

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