You Cant Erase The Past

2 girls from texas moved to new york and soon they fall in love and they life starts falling apart when they face all this dram. maybe more drama than a person can take..... this story is by me and by gryffinpuff527. so please read any stories wrote written. and if you havent read connection of love please read it or you might not understand this story

Chapter 1

good day dont you think



i was rushing to finished getting dress and getting Deshawn dress and layla was in the kitchen making something to eat. i had finally moved out the house with michael and layla was back in my life. but remember that 1 night at the hotel with tray. well yeah thats how Deshawn popped up i was pregnant by tray and tray doesnt even know i had his baby or anything.

layla had found me at michael house crying my heart out but she convinced me we can get through anything and i believed her. but what i didnt want to believed is that she left nate to come find me. i havent talked to tray since that day i called and he was messing with some girl.

anyways i finished getting ready and put Deshawn shoes on him and put him on the floor he ran out the room and i guess to the kitchen with layla. i grab my backpack,diaperbag and phone and car keys. i walked out my room and went in the kitchen and saw that layla put Deshawn in his chair and gave him something to eat. i sat donw and signed.


layla-finally you dress

jazmine-yeah sorry i cant be up and ready like you anymore.

ever since i had Deshawn stuff changed and me and layla were closer than ever now. we were living in a 4 bedroom house even though 1 of the bedrooms wasnt being used so we just made it into a guest room. and the 4 one was a play room for my son.

layla finally learned how to cook thanks too me. i had to show her a few things since she always babysitting for me and stuff. Deshawn is 1 years old and he's already smart and can talk well. but i thank layla for that she loves him just as much as i do.

i had on some booty shorts and a tanktop. like 10 -15 minutes later we got in our separate cars and left. i drop deshawn off at the babysitting place in went to work. i ask the school i was in out to let me graduate early but it took alot of work. i was in school twice as longer than everybdoy else had way more classes and everything. but i managed to graduate early so i can provide for me layla in deshawn. layla in school and she has a part time job.

i was proud of her. later that day when we both made t home and stuff i told layla too pack a sleeping bags for a few days. she didnt know we were going to new york and i wasnt planning on telling her until we got on the plane. when we did get on the plane i decided to tell her.

jazmine-we're going to new york


jazmine-our horses are still their you know

she didnt say anything to that. so i kept talking.

jazmine-and i thought you'll like to see nate again...



I was in my last year of graduating and i was excited. me and Daniel were still together and she was just amazing. i mean nothing could tear us apart. i havent heard from jazmine at all and for some reason i was ok with that. but sometimes i wonder what if it would like if she nevered left. like would we still be together or what.

they horses were still here and their mom and dad got out of jail so i just wonder what happen to them did they go to foster care or what. i got out of school and nate was really focus on his sports and now the girls been all over him. but i think he got a girlfriend i dont know about because he's always gone and stuff so he must be seeing somebody right?

anyways after school i was walking with Daniel and we were just talking and stuff.

daniel-so what are you doing later

tray-i was hoping i was gone be with you

daniel-i got to go with my mom

tray-oooh yeah thats right


tray-well how about i sneak over when you get back

she smile.

daniel-its cool


i walked daniel home and than went to my house i went to my room and changed into something more comfortable. i went outside and saw james in them. we went across the street and started up a good of basketball now that james moved across the street we had a hoop in the drive way so we didnt have to go to the park.

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