The White Dragon (For BookWriter's Story Contest)

The White Dragon (For BookWriter's Story Contest)

Sorry for the lame title, I'll try to think of something better ^.^"
Until then, ENJOY!!! XD

Chapter 1

by: _Andreea_
“I know what I saw, Jake!” I argued.

“Krys, if you honestly believe you saw a freaking dragon flying over our house, you must be going crazy,” my brother looked at me incredulously.

“Ugh! Why won’t you just believe me?!” I tried again, exasperated. “I was going for a walk because I couldn’t fall asleep, and there it was!”

“It was dark, maybe you saw an eagle and mistook it for a dragon,” Jake rolled his eyes.

“It was a full moon! And do eagles have scales?” I crossed my arms in victory. I wasn’t crazy, I’d seen that beautiful yet frightening creature.

“Dragons don’t exist, maybe you dreamed it,” he sighed, then turned and started walking down the wooden paneled hall. “You’ll be late for Aikido if you keep blabbing about mythical creatures.”

I facepalmed. “Idiot brother,” I muttered as I headed to my room to grab my pack.

“I heard that!” he called from the kitchen.

I sighed and shoved open the sliding door leading to my room. The old man who had adopted me and my twin brother – we took to calling him Grandpa – happened to be extremely rich, and have a strange style. Three of the walls of the room were paneled with a light, almost white wood, while the last one was a coarse, dark green curtain. I had a huge canopy bed whose frame was made of bamboo stalks, which was covered in pillows. In the middle of the room there was a small pond, multicolored fish swimming through the many plants and decorations.

I grabbed some fish flakes and dropped them in, watching as their scales shimmered when they swam to get their food. I couldn’t believe Jake thought I was
crazy! I had really seen that dragon!

That doesn’t sound very convincing, the annoying part of my mind decided to speak up.

“Krys! I’m leaving now!” my brother’s voice drifted into my room, tinged with annoyance.

“Wait, I’m coming too!” I called, realizing I had spent too much time staring at the fish. Grabbing my pack, I ran out of the house and caught up to Jake halfway up the gravel driveway.


I yawned and turned over, hugging a pillow. My room was dark, a slight breeze blowing through the curtain and causing me to shiver. Was it still night?

I got up and stumbled towards the curtain, the wooden floor cold to my bare feet. I grabbed it and slid the whole thing away, stepping onto the porch that wound around the house and shivering again. The moon was still almost full, shining over the garden and the labyrinth beyond it. Grandpa’s hushed voice could be heard from somewhere close, probably what had woken me up.

I walked along the porch silently, straining to hear what he was saying. To my surprise, his voice came from Jake’s room. I was about to tell them to keep it down when I heard something disturbing.

“Jake! How many times have I told you not to fly in places where people can see you?!”

It was a wonder my jaw didn’t completely fall off. I pressed myself against the wall and tried to hear more.

“I know, would you relax? She’s my sister, she’ll find out eventually anyway!”

“No, she won’t! The existence of the Black Dragon should be kept a secret!”

“It’s not like anyone will believe her anyway, I mean seriously! People these days don’t –”

No, no, no, was all I could think. Why did Grandpa have to keep so many potted plants around!?

“Krystin?” Grandpa stepped onto the porch, taking in the shattered vase and my presence with almost frightened eyes.


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