Unlocking Secrets

My entry in Mona Sweet's Story Contest.

Chapter 1

Unlocking the Trunk

I climbed through the window into the dark, musky room. Mildew splattered the walls, making it damp and humid. I held my breath, for the poignant made me nauseous. I refocused, knowing that I had a mission to complete, and my time was limited.
The light from the window was suddenly blocked by a figure, sending me into blackness. I strained my eyes to find a place in the room to be hidden, but yet be in a position to still see the intruder. It was only then when my foot got caught, and I crashed down onto the floor.
"Orville? Is that you?" the familiar voice called out. I stayed silent. "Orville? It's me, Cameron. We made a deal a month ago to finally check this place out."
I slumped a little lower, knowing that I broke the promise I made to her.
We made a deal to meet up here and investigate the contents of this old broken house. We've scouted abandoned houses in the past, finding treasures and shattered remainders of the past. I've visited this room about 2 times before, trying to get a head start for scouting anything interesting.
"Hey, Cameron. I thought you forgot!" I replied.
"Thank goodness you're here!! If it was anyone else, I would have been screwed."
"Well, let's get started, shall we?" I suggested. Cameron pulled out two flashlights, their beams lighting up the room. I quickly grabbed mine, then guided the beam to the far wall' looking for anything concealed in the cracks of the drywall.
After a few minutes of inquisitive searching, a faint glimmer caught my eye. I slowly moved towards it, the beam of the flashlight reflecting through the floorboards. My heart started racing a little faster, adrenaline was pumping though my veins.
"Cameron! Come check this out!"
Within a second, she was there by my side. Her hands slowly reached towards the reflecting object, and with one graceful movement, she pulled out a key. she examined it, while I looked through the empty space of where the key once was. Peering closer, there was a little sheet of paper. I pulled it out, and opened it up to find a message:
I unlock a dangerous secret. Once you embark on your quest to figure it out, there is no going back. If you succeed, you will reap great reward. But if you fail, you will forever be imprisoned. To seek your quest, find my lock. If you do not wish to seize the challenge, hide me elsewhere.
Excitement ran through my body, and I quickly scouted the room for a lock. I was ready to "reap great reward" and I knew Cameron would be in on it, too.
After an afternoon of searching, Cameron found an old trunk with a lock. She put in the key, and turned it. It fit! Cameron then peered into the trunk, then screamed. I rushed over to her side, making sure it wasn't a spider, then looked into it myself. I gasped.
Inside the trunk were two bodies, perfectly preserved.
My curiosity overcame me, and I reached inside, being careful not to touch the lifeless bodies. I pulled out another note, and read it aloud.
"Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped.
-Sam Levenson
Reader and adventurer seeker. I congratulate you with having the courage to take on this quest. The fate of the innocence in the world is at stake. You must find this woman, destroy her, for all of her children are demons who will soon control your generation. If you fail, you will forever be trapped in the trunk of that you just opened, your soul tortured by her children. If you succeed, however, you will accumulate so much wealth, wisdom, and respect, and you will forever be remembered throughout the universe. I will give you 3 days to find her. It's too late to turn back now. I wish you the best of luck.
"What do we do now?" Cameron asked. "We just walked into a death trap!"
"Maybe we can outsmart it," I replied.
"Those people didn't!" She exclaimed, pointing to the open trunk.
"Don't lose faith. We will get through this. Trust me. We're going to find this demon-bearing lady and get rid of her!"
"I.. I dunno. I didn't expect to die like this! I still have my life ahead of me!"
"Cameron. Calm down. It will be okay. We have 3 days. We can research tonight, then grab a plane ticket tomorrow to go find her."
"But I don't have the money!"
"You will when we finish the quest."
"...okay. I'm in."
"You better be." I then shut the trunk, and motioned for Cameron to follow me out of the room. "We can go to my house to research myths and legends about the demon-bearing lady."
"Okay. The sooner, the better. We can't waste any time!"
We ran down the road to my house, and flew through the door with flying colors. We both grabbed laptops and sat down on the couch, skimming through every source we could find. After an hour or two, I started feeling a bit drowsy and exhausted. I slowly started to nod off, promising myself that I'll finish it after the nap.
"ORVILLE!!" Cameron's scream woke me up.
"Huh?" I asked groggily.
"I found the demon lady! I know where she is!"
"Really? Let me see!"
Cameron turned the screen so that I could read it. But I couldn't. Not when my eyes locked on the picture at the top of the page. I was shocked.
There, I was looking at a picture of the demon-bearing lady.

It was my mom.

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