Goodbye, everyone...

Sorry... :'(

Chapter 1


I just wanted to let you know that I'll probly be deleting soon. My grades aren't good and when my parents find that out, I'm completelly fvcked. They only love me because of the grades and when they see(for more than the 3rd time) that my grades are bad, they'll find SOME way and EVERY way to hurt me. Mostly by making me get rid of my Quibblo. :'( I just wanted to let you all know that I love you. Here's some people I need to say goodbye to:

Soph. My bestest friend, I love you like a sister! I know you havent been on, but when you come back, dont be surprized if my accout description says "Deleted". D"X We had some great times on here, and I'll miss you. Demyx says bye, too! Hehe. ^^, Sorry to end our story short. Tell Kiba I said bye, too.

Your awesome. Your just amazing. I'll miss you too. :'( Idk if I'll be around on my other acc, either, but I'll try!

Imma miss you so much!!! D'x tell Luxy I said bye, kay? And Im taking Dem with meh! Lol jk. I told him to stay at the Organization. (Thats right, Im being kicked out og Organization XIII, too...) hugs bye!

Heather Mellissa:
I'll miss you as well. Thank you so much for putting Vapor and Cloud into your story! I was so happy when you said that you could use their characters. Thank you. :'3 You are an amizing person and a great friend!

I miss you, Gale. I guess I'll really never get that last goodbye, hu? X') I miss Gail a lot, too. R.I.P Gail. We love you. Love you, Gale. And as you said, "See you again, in the next life..."......

My fellow ninja, you are amazing! :') thank you for being my friend sence the begining. Make sure to come visit me in Konoha, kay. X')

There are MANY others that I know I forgot, and Im really sorry. :'( I love you. All of you. Thank you all so very much. For everything...! X'D

Your friend and fellow Quibblo-person-thing,
Eva Nara, etc.

P. S.
I WILL be back! Promise. :")


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