A World Away~ 68, 74, 75, and 76 Hunger Games in the viewpoint of Johanna Mason

This is as accurate as I can make it, but a good part is not in the book. There were a couple details about Johanna's first hunger games, but not many. Hope you like!

Chapter 3


A couple hours ago, if you said that the Capital would be even prettier than District 1, I wouldn't have believed you. Not that I care or anything. The Tribute Tower stands taller than even the Justice Building back home. Home: where everyone's gonna forget about me after I die. As I said before, I have no family. I live alone, and am part of a huge, mostly male, work crew. They won't care. Probably the only sponsor I'll ever get is Alli, and she never had much money. Gifts in the arena are super expensive, so I appreciate the thought and everything, but I dought I'll even get one gift. Oh well, so swell. I don't need sponsors!!!! I CAN DO ANYTHING THE FREAKIN CAPITAL CAN THROW AT ME!!!!!! I'M JOHANNA MASON! I CAN KILL FINNICK ODAIR!!! Wait, what's that last part about? Finnick's not who I'm gonna kill, I'll kill his tributes!!!!!! Then HE can live though what Ky and me and Alli and Shanna and Hailey's family deal with EVERY DAY!!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEN I"LL KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize I'm one step from screaming again. Not good. This "acting weak" thing is going to be harder than I thought in a building full of tributes and bad memories and plots to kill who's responsive for... Painful memories for some of us, and nothing more for others. Nothing more, ever again, as long as she would have lived...
After a long time of crying and thoughts like this, I notice I'm sitting on the ground, rocking. It's a good thing I'm alone in my compartment, which is remarkably similar to the last one, but easily twice the the size. Same bed in the corner, same closet stuffed with clothes that all look stupidly impractical. Don't even get me started on the shoes! They're like deathtraps in the making. Foot torture devices. It would be so easy to sprain my ankle in those. If someone trys to get me to wear one of those, I'll put my axe through their skull. or I would, but, as you probably know, I don't have it here. I'll most likely never see if again. BUT I WILL! CUZ I"M JOHANNA MASON, AND WHOEVER TRIES TO KILL ME WILL PAY FOR IT! Oops, once again, almost screaming. * note to self: STOP ALMOST SCREAMING!!!!!*


It must be morning because I woke up, but I don't remember where I am, or when I fell asleep. The last thing I remember was talking to Hailey. Then it all comes back to me. I must have been dreaming, because she's dead. Finnick Odair stabbed her. I'm in the Capital because of the Hunger Games. I'm a tribute. Finnick Odair won his games, so he isn't dead, but I still can't kill him. So I'm gonna kill both District 4 tributes and hope he liked them. Then I'll kill him. I haven't thought about this plot as revenge before, but it almost makes me happy to be here in the Capital to think about it. How he's gonna pay for Hailey three times over. I'm still plotting when Emily West comes in. I immediately break down into tears. She crosses the room, and sits down next to me. "What is it, honey?" she askes. I reply "Nothing", but must not be too convincing, because she doesn't leave or say why she came in. "We are going to do everything we can to get you out of the arena safely. You are going to be fine. You are going to be fine..."
I must mutter something like "but Hailey never will!" Because she asks who I'm talking about in that freaking Capital accent that always seems to drill into my skull and give me a freakin headache.
"Like you don't... She's... She was my best friend. She went to the Games. She was strong. I thought she'd win. So I didn't volunteer. She was two years older than me, anyway. She would have never forgiven me, If I died in the Games. Finnick Odair killed her. He stabbed a trident in her gut. I'm gonna get District 4 cuz of him, and hope that gets to him. Then, after I win, I'm gonna kill him.
"Hate to burst your bubble, but I'd stay away fro the careers if I were you. They're kinda... Stronger then you. They could kill you."
"Oh, so you haven't seen through my plan?"
"To act weak and crybabyish, so they don't one after me. I caan swing an axe with deadly accuracy and enough force to decapitate. I'm not weak. Just a good actor. But no one can know."
"Good. It's breakfastime. Get dressed."


When I finally do get to breakfast, me and Emily are the only ones there. First I think I'm late. Then Emily says that we're early, she just heard me crying. I hadn't noticed I was crying until she came in. Maybe I should revise the difficulty of this plan from impossible to mildly hard not to strangle Finnick. I'm not sure, but maybe I'm still crying when Ky comes in, because he sits next to me, and says "You'll be OK, Johanna. You can swing an axe better then half the population back... In District 7 everyone's voting for you."


After that, breakfast was pretty uneventful. Until Blight came in, that is. I guess Ky was not happy with him either, because Ky Catrone tried to strangle the 62nd Victor of the Hunger Games. That was funny. By the way, I still can't find an axe, knife, sword, bow and arrows, ect. THERE'S NOTHING FREAKING DEADLY IN THIS ENTIRE FREAKING FLOOR!!!! NOT EVEN A FREAKING KICHEN KNIFE IN SIGHT!!!!! WHERE DO THE KEEP THEIR KNIVES?! UNDER THE FLOOR TILES, FOR FRICKING GOD'S SAKE? Note to self: STOP ALMOST SCREAMING, BRAINLESS!!!! Aparently, I look like I'm having a mental breakdown. Or so Ky said. To be precise, he said "A mental breakdown won't work in the Games, Johanna. So get your hands off your ears and sit up, Brainless."
"Hey! I'm supposed to call you brainless, Brainless!"
"Currently, I'm the one with the brain. So the privilege is mine."
"No, I'm---"
"I can see that you two are good friends," Blight cut in."So shut up."
We both glare at him. He doesn't see how much we hate him, or he wouldn't mess with us.
"And Johanna, I had every possible weapon removed from the entire floor 7. I don't want to be murdered in my sleep, which, by the way, would get you detained by the Peacekeepers before you can kill Finnick Odair. Same goes for you, Ky."
"I'll find one!" I snarl, trying to look as threatening as possible.
"I'll help her." Ky, apparently, was thinking the same thing.
"You do that. I even had the rope around the curtains removed so you couldn't strangle me with it. I had the butter knives removed, too. One can never be too cautious."
"One can, however, be completely stupid. Examine." I take the sharp knife I was cutting my toast with and hurl it toward the opposite wall. "Next one goes in your head."
"Where'd you learn that?" You know, sometimes even Ky can be completely clueless.
"I live alone. Haven't you ever noticed my walls? They're pretty much destroyed. I gotta make a target range. That is, if I ever get home. Every time I get mad at something, I throw a knife at the wall. Or stab the wall. Or kick it. Or damage it in some other way. It's a great answer to problems. Knives and axes. My aim's been getting better. It may not be career good, but it's pretty good." He should know this. I get mad a lot.
"I did wonder." Maybe he isn't too clueless.
"OK, so Johanna's good with knives and axes. What're you good at, Ky?" I know the answer to this, and it's not good.
"Nothing." Yep, he knows the answer, too.
He won't need to be good at anything if he's my ally. I have enough skill with an axe for twenty-three people, which happens to be the exact number of people I'll need to be better than to ever see my knived-up walls ever again.
But I will. "Cuz I'm Johanna Mason. And nobody defeats me. I'm gonna win these games. Nobody's gonna kill me cuz I'll kill them. The END, nothing to it."
"Johanna! Were you talking to yourself?"
"No, Blight, I was talking to the only intelligent person in this room."
"Ouch! That hurt!"
"Exept Ky."
"Much better."
"Johanna, Ky,---"
"Why is she always first?"
"Cuz I don't inturupt Emily when she's TRYING TO TALK!"
"You do to."
"SHUT UP!!!!!"
"OK, OK, Ky and Johanna! Is that better?"
"You have chariots today! Isn't that exeiting?"
"No, not really."
"Nobody asked your opinion, Johanna!"
"Did too!"
"Did not!"
"You can't fight like three year olds in front of sponsors."
"Did you hear anyone asking Blight for advice? Cuz I didn't!"
"Neither did I!"
"So why's he talking?"
"I have no clue!"
"----Or accuse me of killing your friend, Because 1.) That was Finnick, 2.) You won't get any sponsors, and 3.) I control the gifts you do get."
"Thank you. So you have until 3:30 to do whatever you want that does not damage you, a fellow tribute, or the building. I'm watching you, Johanna. No knifes or I won't let the kitchen staff give you any. Be back on floor 4, acting civilized, at 2:30 and Blight and I will advise you on your chariot ride. Be back here by 3:00, or I will be forced to find you."
"Blight is not a tribute or the building."
"You may not harm him, either, Ky. See you then." and with that, Emily walked out.


What to do in six hours and thirty minutes in a strange building where you know no one exempting your best friend who you might have to kill in one week while you're waiting to be made over so that people can vote on wether they think you will die or not? Well, if you're me, than you watch other people get chosen to die. Emily gave us a list of people to avoid/not piss off and a list of possible allies. She included pictures and tapes of the reapings. I did not watch a reapings recap, as is required in all of Panem. I resolve to ask Ky if he watched it. Later. As in after I watch them. I can't let him feel like he has an advantage. Which i know is kind of mean, as he, like, kinda, sorta, has a total disadvantage in this situation.
Three hours later, and Ky and I have a narrowed down list of possible allies. The little girl, Laurel, from 9, A tall girl named Alexandra from 6, and Ellizibeth Ann from 12. note to self: Call Elli Ellizibeth Ann and die. Or so she said. Given our current situation, that's probably not a empty threat. Just one problem: They all think I'm weak. They would be completely brainless to team up with someone like me. I'll prove I'm not when no one's looking. Or maybe not. Brainless allies might be a good thing.


Three hours later than that, I'm being attacked by large, multicolor parrots. They copy EVERYTHING I say. And they obviously have gone way to far with the tattoos and implanted gems and other brainless weirdness. One is wearing all neon, a blue dress with pink tights, a lime green headband and obviously bleached blond hair. Another has extreme plastic surgery. I can tell it was intended to make her prettier, but it just furthers the image of bird-person. A third is died gold. Like, all her skin is gold. How that works, I don't, nor do I want to know. Combine that with those horrible Capital accents and I have a major headache. Every time I tell them to shut up, the waxing and stuff just gets more painful, like they are trying to inflict pain. Maybe they are. Would't surprise me.

Yah, yah, I know I didn't finish this chapter, but I figured I better update. So, next update will be soon. Bye!

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