A World Away~ 68, 74, 75, and 76 Hunger Games in the viewpoint of Johanna Mason

This is as accurate as I can make it, but a good part is not in the book. There were a couple details about Johanna's first hunger games, but not many. Hope you like!

Chapter 2


Not long after Alli was hauled out the door, the peacekeepers came back for me. I make sure I have the glasses on before I leave. They make everything blurry. Now I'll look clumsy, too. Yay?! The train is like nothing I've ever seen before. My compartment alone is easily three times the size of the one room shack I built after The Fire. I've never been in a train (or a car, other then the peacekeeper one.),so I'm amazed when I look out the window and see all the pine trees zooming past. It would be a major understatement to say we're going one hundred miles per hour. 100 MPH!!! Just looking at all the vegetation dashing past make me want to puke. I shut the blinds and go to find the mentors. They should have SOME advice. I can't be stuck with some completely useless idiots as my lifeline in the Games, just like Hailey.... God, if I see Blight, I'm gonna kill him with my ax. No, I don't have the ax here. Maybe a knife... He should have sent her some water when she asked. Then she wouldn't have had to go to the lake "she knew had CAREERS CAMPED BY IT! THAT WAS THE ONLY SAFE TO DRINK WATER IN THE WHOLE ARENA! IT"S BLIGHT"S FAULT SHE DIED! IT"S HIS FAULT!!! IT"S HIS---"
"It's my fault what?" said someone standing behind me.
"My best friend was Hailey Northway!!!" I screech. I hadn't realized I was screaming. Or talking at all. Oh, well.
"What could I have done there?" he asks.
"Send her water when she needed it. You knew there was only one place to get water. Finnick's camp. We all knew." like he didn't already know.
"We had no sponsors."
"Then you should have gotten some!"
"look, you ---"
"You do know I'm your mentor, right?"
"Darn it"
"Do you want help or not? If you don't, I'm outta here"
"Already have a plan" I state, trying to walk off to find a knife.
He blocks the door. "Johanna, does this plan, by any chance, involve those glasses you weren't wearing earlier?"
"No, it... Yes. It does. My plan is to look weak."
"Kyle told me"
"His name's Ky"
"Never mind. He said the two of you came up with that plan after Hailey... Well, what he said is that the two of you can't use the same plan, and it won't work for a volunteer. That plan won't work for him. He also said it was your idea. So, that's your strategy. He couldn't come up with one for himself, and sense you came up with a plan and used it on a moment's notice, I figured I'd ask you. "
"He could try the tearjerker angle. The twelve-year-old boy he volunteered for was the brother of a dead tribute who was his best friend. He couldn't stand to see that family to lose another member, and sense his family is short on money, if he wins, he brings home money to help his three brothers, two sisters, single mother, and honer to the name of his dead father who was lost in a lumber accident a few years ago. If he dies, his family then only has five members instead of six. Either way, it helps his family and Oak's.
"Worth a try. The Capital sponsors will eat that up. witch leads me to the fatal (literally) flaw in your plans. His, he's viewed as not likely to accidentally kill himself, but he gets sponsors, you don't. You two would have to stay together. That solves both flaws. Exept,there happens to be one little twelve year old girl from district 9 who you might want to meet. You would get decent-people sponsors. And the three of you live longer, and I'm guessing you can both swing an ax ---"
"He can't. He drives the lumber truck with Scott. But he's really strong." I add defensively .
Blight seems surprised by this. "Oh well. He's not gonna win."
I glare at him, and resume trying to find a knife. "And to think I thought you might be a decent person after all."
"I speak only the truth."
I turn to return to my compartment.
"And, Johanna, let me tell you something us victors often say: 'No one decent ever wins the Games'"
" With the possible exeption of Annie Cresta!" I quip.
"You do know she volunteered. No one guessed she'd go crazy. "
"She volunteered for her sister. Big difference"
"Not really"
I finally succeed in pushing past him. I then run like heck to the other side of the train. Or try to. I'm about halfway there when I see the buildings in the distance. They are so beautiful and so unlike anything I have ever seen before that I have to stop and look.
Blight isn't following me. I didn't think he would.
After about fifteen minutes of staring at the buildings, I realize a Reaping is happening, and that this must be District 1, the provider of luxury goods. I've heard that Reapings were staggered, so that someone could watch the whole thing live on T.V., but I usually didn't care enough to try. Only Hailey's year did I even try, but the power kept going out. You see, in District 7, the power is never on for more than three hours at a time. I guess the Capital doesn't care out lowly district people. Exept, of course, in career districts.
As I see the cameras, I start to cry. On purpose. I watch the district fly by.

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