A World Away~ 68, 74, 75, and 76 Hunger Games in the viewpoint of Johanna Mason

This is as accurate as I can make it, but a good part is not in the book. There were a couple details about Johanna's first hunger games, but not many. Hope you like!

Chapter 1

The Reaping

I've just arrived in the huge square in front of District 7 when the bell rings. Peacekeepers will be going around taking attendance soon. If I fail to be in that huge roped off pen when my name is called, it'd be very bad. I start running when I remember my hypothetical victory plan. If my name is called, I want to appear weak. So weak that any carriers will be too concerned with more challenging targets that they won't set out after me. A flash of me running full speed on national tv would be very bad for the plan, as I can run very fast. I slow down, and I am in the pen in the nick of time. "here!" I call, trying to put as much contempt in my voice as possible without being whipped. I start to zone out as Jaylene Silihou blabs on and on about the Treaty Of Treason and how its all our fault two of us are sent to die every year. God, mayors are boring! But now, it's time for the names to be called, so Emily West carefully climbs to the stage. how she can walk in those heels, I do not know. This is the part where i can't think. A couple years ago, my friend Hailey was called. I watched her die on live TV. Do not think. Do not think. Do not- "Johanna Mason" Emily screeches. This cut have happened. I slowly climb the stairs, taking extra care to stumble and cry. In the absence of all thought, my victory plan takes over. By the time i reach the microphone, I can barely see through all the tears and the memory of Hailey with the trident in her gut, and Finnick Odair staying over her dead body. For her, I will kill his tributes, the ones he mentors. Hope he liked them. Hope it crushes him. Hope he remembers her face until his very painful end. But I don't say that. Instead I say "goodbye". I would tell my family my plan once they come to say goodbye, but they never would. Never will. There was a fire last year. I was the only one not home when the fuel for my dad's new chainsaw fell into the fire. I was several miles away, working a ten hour shift at a clear cutting site up on the mountain. I never even found out until I walked home to find my neighbors pouring buckets on the fire. I was declared old enough to live alone. So I did. I was fourteen at the time.

I can tell all this footage of me crying will be very useful. I can just make out Ky's smirk. We made the plan together, just in case, right after Hailey... He's the only one who knows. Now it's time for the male tribute to be called. "Oak Northway!" Emily hollers. The poor boy walks up to the stage. With my mind in it's current sucky state, it's a few moments before I realize that Oak is the last person I want to get called. He's Hailey's little brother. Emily makes a show of asking for volunteers. This time, however, the call is answered. Ky Raenon walkes up the stairs. The squad of peacekeepers escorts us into a brand new car, nothing like the old junk pile that Scott transports lumber in.

As my family is all dead, only one person says goodbye, my best friend, Alli. She brings me a necklace, and a pair of glasses. She says I should wear the glasses when I'm in the Capital. It'll make me appear to have bad eyesight. I know she making a sacrifice here, as these glasses are hers, and I have 20/15 vision. Some dude from the capital gives us eye tests every year, as the better you can see, the less likely you are to lose fingers or be killed in a lumber accident. I won't be able to wear the glasses in the arena, but it should further the plan to look really weak. We will need all the help we can get for this plan, as I'm not sure the careers will buy that two poor people from a lumber-cutting district don't know how to use an ax. She gives me a couple acting pointers, namely how to keep my temper, before the peacekeepers haul her, kicking and screaming, out the door.

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