Katniss Mellark: The Diary of Motherhood

Katniss Mellark: The Diary of Motherhood

This is my diary. It will tell about the ups and downs of being a mother. It will tell you about my daughter, Zinnia Primrose Rue Mellark. She is beautiful and brings a joy to my life I haven't had since Prim. Peeta and Zin; the two things in my life that truly matter.
I write this as I go.( in the first person) Enjoy my personal life

Chapter 3

An Unwanted Surprise

We stand there staring at him. Anger courses through me. How DARE he?! How dare he come here after 8 YEARS to my DAUGHTER'S birthday party? I lose it all over again. I throw a punch at him, aiming for his jaw. He makes no defensive moves or an attempt to block it. I catch him in the side of the face and his eyes widen in shock. I go in for another swing, but this time he grambs my wrist and twists it. I cry out because a sharp pain shoots through my hand. This is the hand I injured last week. Peeta loses it and punches Gale square in the nose. Gale starts bleeding and I'm sure Peeta has broken his nose. Zinnia starts crying behind me. What a horrible birthday she's having. I feel horrible."Mama?" she cries. I turn around and pick her up."Shhh. It's okay, Zin, it's okay." "Daddy?" she whispers. Peeta backs up and strokes Zin's hair. Understanding crosses Gale's eyes as he takes in the decorations and cake on the table. So many surprises today.

Gale reaches for Zin; he wants to hold her. "Like hell" Peeta spits at him. Gale ignores Peeta, and asks me. "Can I hold her, Catnip?" I flinch at my old nickname. I haven't been called anything except sweetheart, mama, and Katniss in 12 years. I shake my head furiously. He frowns and says come on Katniss. Why can't I hold her?" Peeta steps in front of us. "Because your a no good son of a-" "PEETA! I got it, okay?" I walk around his rigid body. He must really be mad. "I'll tell you why,Gale. Because you blew up my little sister."Pain crosses his face. "Katniss I didn't know..."I hold up my hand for him to stop."You left when I needed you the most. And now you waltz back here and expect all to be forgiven. You can turn right back around because I'm not the forgiving type." Everyone is dead silent and I see tears in his eyes. Real tears...this time."Katniss..I just wanted to see you again!" Now I'm sick of him. "You are nothing more than a compulsive liar, Gale. You come here...TODAY...you RUIN my daughter's party and then try to hold her. I cannot believe you right now." The look in his eyes lets me know what i've said is true. He doesn't care about ME He just wants my life ruined because...what? I didn't CHOOSE him? He looks at me with a pained expression. "Can I at least come in and explain myself?" he asks. It seems genuine. But Peeta says what I am thinking. "You've done enough,Gale." Gale nods and walks back out into the rain toward the Bakery. He opens the Bakery door just as it bursts into flames.

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