Katniss Mellark: The Diary of Motherhood

Katniss Mellark: The Diary of Motherhood

This is my diary. It will tell about the ups and downs of being a mother. It will tell you about my daughter, Zinnia Primrose Rue Mellark. She is beautiful and brings a joy to my life I haven't had since Prim. Peeta and Zin; the two things in my life that truly matter.
I write this as I go.( in the first person) Enjoy my personal life

Chapter 2

Zin's First Birthday

I sprint up the stairs and grab Zin before she starts crying for real. When she first wakes up she kind of wimpers until you come and get her. I scoop her up and smile down into beautiful blue eyes; Peeta's eyes. I dress her in a Red, orange and yellow layered dress. The colors of the flower she was named for. I brush her brown hair back behind her ears. Her brown hair clashes with her pale,pale skin. She giggles as I blow bubbles against her cheek. I carry her down the stairs and hand her to Peeta, who keeps her occupied until I am done decorating I hang streamers,balloons, and zinnia flower all over the house. Haymitch arrives just as I'm finishing and he helps me carry the cake. We invited my mother, as this will be her first time even hearing about Zin. She doesn't know that I was pregnant, let alone am celebrating her first birthday. I didn't know how to tell her, but I guess she'll see. This all runs through my head as we carry the cake to the dining room table. The door bell rings again and I fling it open to find my mom. I hug her tightly, as this is the first time i've seen her in almost 16 years. After she gets through all the mom stuff, she asks me why I decorated the house." It's someones birthday today. Someone VERY special to all of us, here." "Who?" she asks. "Zinnia." I say plainly. I realize I'm shaking when Peeta walks out and see's my mother. Her eyes lock on Zin and the way she's wrapped around Peeta. You can see in her eyes that she recognizes my brown hair copied flawlessly onto Zin. Zin looks at her curiously and says "Mama? Who this?" I go to her and pick her up. My mother is frozen as I whisper to Zin "This is your Gramma. My Mama." Zin is watching her and I have to say it before my mother explodes. "This is Zinnia. My...my daughter."

My mother starts to cry and I hand Zin to Peeta and hug her. She's hysterical and asking me questions I cant answer. Then she gets mad. Like MAD mad. She lashes out at Peeta shouting accusations about him being a good for nothing player and that makes ME mad. So I start yelling at my mother about Maybe if she checked in every once in a while she'd know, and Zin's crying uncontrolably. My mom yells "SHUT UP!!" To Haymitch who tries to calm her down and then She hits Peeta in the chest with her fist. I lose it and slap her across the face.

Everybody is frozen and Zin is crying hysterically and Peeta wraps his arms around my shoulders so that I don't freak out. My mom sits in the chair and Zinnia walks over to her and grabs her finger in her fist. My mother laughs and picks her up. Everything that just happened is immediately forgotten because you can't help being calm with Zin. We continue the day as planned. I am snuggled up against Peeta, watching Zin walk across the room. She's chasing a ballon being tossed between Haymitch and my mother. The door bell rings and Peeta goes to answer it. I hear him gasp a little and then a familiar voice asking for me. "I don't think that's a good idea." Peeta says protectively. "Please..." The voice begs. I get up and walk to the door. I freeze in my tracks and gasp, too."Gale."

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