Katniss Mellark: The Diary of Motherhood

Katniss Mellark: The Diary of Motherhood

This is my diary. It will tell about the ups and downs of being a mother. It will tell you about my daughter, Zinnia Primrose Rue Mellark. She is beautiful and brings a joy to my life I haven't had since Prim. Peeta and Zin; the two things in my life that truly matter.
I write this as I go.( in the first person) Enjoy my personal life

Chapter 1

The First Year

I take Zinnia from Peeta once again and try to rock her to sleep. It seems that she is persistantly and perpusly shreiking. My rocking and murmers have no effect on her, so Peeta takes her and hums to her in the most unmusical way I have ever heard. But it gives me an idea. I grab Zin gingerly and hold her close to me, up high by my shoulder as if to burp her, and start to sing:

Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes
And when again they open the sun will rise.

She stops crying and listens with eery consentration for a newborn, but I don't question it because it's working.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you

She is finally asleep! I set her gently down and stroke her brown hair behind her ears so she'll be comfortable. We back slowly out of the room and ghost down the stairs. Peeta plops onto the couch and opens his arms for me. I lean back into his chest and my eyes close. I am half way asleep when I here steps coming up the walk. I sit up and run to the door, but I'm a second too late. The chiming bell peals through the house met by Zin's terrified shreiks. I throw open the door and see Haymitch. I scoff and run up the stairs to get Zin.
* * * * *
I hold Zin in the living room chair as she cries softly into my shoulder. I'
m shooting Haymitch dirty looks. Not because he woke up Zin, thus waking us up. No. Because anyone who causes my daughter to cry...I just wouldn't want to be Haymitch. It's been three weeks and Haymitch is just now coming to see her. I think he's gotten a little too attached to Peeta. He always tries to "hang" with him. Peeta is attached to his daughter, so that leads to a dark, dark place I don't want to enter. Now Haymitch won't leave Zin alone! He's here almost everyday and it's a good thing when we need sleep but...

I think Peeta misses his daughter. She LOVES Hatmitch. They spend almost all of their time together, so Peeta barely gets any time with her. I'm home all day, so I see her a lot. But Peeta. He's at the bakery during the day, and Haymitch is here at night, so Zin's time is taken up by Haymitch. I feel bad for Peeta. He ADORES his daughter to death, and you can literally see his heart break when she walks to Haymitch and not him. One day, Zin is crying her eyes out and no amount of rocking from Haymitch can settle her. I can't settle her, either, so when Peeta sticks his head in the doorshe reaches for him. He crosses the room slowly, as if he's tired. She cries harder and shrieks "DADDY!" Peeta freezes and stares at her. We all freeze and Haymitch nearly drops her. She takes in all of our faces and gets impatient. "DAAAAADY!!" a grin slowly makes its way across his face. He runs across the room and scoops her up from Haymitch and tosses her into the air. He throws her over and over again as she giggle. "DADDY!DADDY!DADDY!" Peeta is over-joyed. I laugh at the scene and as he tosses her up one more time, her eyes go to me and she says in a questioning tone "Mama?" My breathing stops. I shuffle forward as Peeta keeps tossing her up. He is about to catch her when I snatch her out of the air and she says "MAMA!!" I giggle along with her and snuggle my cheek against hers. I feel Peeta's arms encircle us both in a warm, happy embrace and this moment is perfect. I hear the door shut quietly, and turn to see that Haymitch has left; letting us have this perfect moment with our perfect daughter.

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