Death, Pain, and Mutts (A Cato/Katniss Love Story)

Hi guys. This may seem like a strange idea, but I hope you enjoy it. From Katniss perspective. Enjoy it and leave comments :) ANy ideas are welcome. Thanks.

Chapter 1

The End of the Games

I watched Cato fall into the sea of mutts beneath the Horn; I heard him scream, beg me to kill him. But I couldn't bring myself to do that. Peeta and I sat, huddled in each other's arms as the anthem began to play loudly throughout the arena. Cato's face was not in the sky and I listened with anger as his moans of pain escaped his lips. How could this happen to anyone, even if it was Cato? The next day came quickly, the sun rising and I awoke to an unresponsive Peeta. "Peeta!" I screamed, unzipping his jacket and leaning my head against his chest, desperate to feel it beating against my ear. All I heard was silence. Peeta's lips turned blue and he shuddered. Then his cannon fired. I screamed with rage, anger, and sadness and felt my hands go to my pockets for the nightlock I had taken from Foxface's limp hands. I watched hazily as Peeta's body was taken by the hovercraft. I let myself slip from the Horn and I fell hard against the dirtpacked ground. The mutts were gone. And so was my nightlock, pressed determinedly against my tongue. Before I could swallow, a blaze of yellow light swallowed me into oblivion..

I awoke to a strange district: one filled with buildings, factories spewing with smoke, and people laughing. Or at least that's what I saw from my place on the bed near a large window. My head was spinning and my heart throbbing from the loss of Peeta. My Peeta. The dandelion that brought me sunshine and happiness. I touched my bandaged head tentatively, wincing as the pain from the cut Clove gave me became overwhelming. The smell of eggs baking caused my stomach to get the best of me; I rose from the bed, and hurried down the wooden steps, feet padding as I went. That was when I realized what I was wearing: A long teeshirt that smelled of coffee and cologne was the only thing covering my body, covered in scars and bruises. The house was a large mansion, constructed of beautiful wood and marble. Wrestling and swordfighting trophies lined the walls on impressive pedestals. I stopped suddenly, reaching for the picture frame that sat hauntingly to my right. The girl in the picture smiled at me. It made her dark eyes beautiful and her bright white teeth pearly. The last time I had seen her a rock had smashed her skull. Clove. I choked on fear and placed the picture of my fallen enemy back on the shelf. I knew where I was. I needed to get out of here. I bolted for the door but ran smack into Cato's muscular, bare chest. He wore bed shorts, his blonde hair moused from sleep, and a huge smile was added to his handsome features. "So you finally decided to wake up," he said humourously, forcing me into the corner. His eyes were darting with anger and I caught a glimpse of remorse in them, but that quickly disappeared. "What's going on?" I asked, afraid of his answer. To my surprise, his eyes softened, but he kept the same stone-hard expression on his face. "They're after us, Fire Girl," he said in a deep voice. "They're after us again."

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