My favorite StarKid stuff. (:

So, this is basically going to be like: my favorite StarKid stuff, like songs, people, lines, and stuff. I'll be updating it pretty regularly, or at least I'll try to! Leave your own opinions in the comments or make your own and send me an invite!

Chapter 1

My top 18 StarKid songs. (:

Okay, well, these are my favorite StarKid songs. And I was originally going to do 15, but I might have to do more, we'll just see. (: (yup, I actually just changed it to 18.)

18. Those Voices-AVPS. This song's amazing. I think Nick isn't that great in it, but Darren's amazing, so it makes up for it.
17. Duder's a Spy-LWL. This is my favorite song from LWL and, honestly, I mainly love it because Brian sings it.
16. Hermione Can't Draw-AVPS. This song is so catchy. Even though it's really short, it's still one of my favorites, definitely.
15. Get Back Up-Starship. This song is really awesome, and it's actually my alarm. So, every morning, Lauren gets to tell me to "Get back up."
14. Guys Like Potter-AVPS. This one obviously had to be on here: it's the only song that JoMo sings, and I love him.
13. Not Over Yet-AVPS. Because Tyler is amazing and I love him and think that he is under-appreciated.
12. Different as Can Be-AVPM. Firstly, because A.J. wrote this song. Secondly, because it makes me laugh.
11. Days of Summer-AVPS. Yes, I know, I have a lot from AVPS. There are a lot of songs in AVPS. But, yeah, I love this song.
10. The Coolest Girl-AVPS. Like Tyler, I think Bonnie is under-appreciated, even though she's very talented! I love this song!
9. Ready to Go-MAMD. This song is awesome; I love the fact that most of the cast in MAMD sings it. It's really funny, and I love Brian. I Brian.
8. Gettin' Along-AVPS. Joe. Just...Joe. And Dylan has an amazing voice, too.
7. Gotta Find his Diick-MAMD. I really love this song, and it's very catchy. And I love A.J.'s and Brian's parts in the song. Oh, and A.J. also wrote it, which helps.
6. Goin' Back to Hogwarts-AVPM. I know, shocking right? Because this is everybody's favorite song! Yeah, I get it, this was the first StarKid song. You can't even begin to call yourself a StarKid if you don't know this song, and I really do love it, there are just some songs that I love more!
5. Voldemort is Goin' Down-AVPM. Definitely my second favorite song from AVPM. It's so catchy and energetic. Oh, and A.J. wrote it.
3. (yes, I know I skipped 4.) Kick it Up a Notch (reprise) and The Way I Do-both Starship are tied for third. I can't choose between the two and I love them both so much. For the first, Brian. I will sex that man all day. And the second one is like, pretty much the greatest love song ever. (:
2. Granger Danger-AVPM. Well, I mean...come on. Every time that I hear the beginning of the song, I literally start crying. Like, no joke.

AND NUMBER ONE IS...drum roll please...

1. Listen to Your Heart-MAMD. Okay, well, if this wasn't obvious, you obviously haven't read my story. A.J. Holmes is the love of my life, and I love him more than anybody on this planet. So, of course Listen to Your Heart is my favorite StarKid song.


I hope you guys enjoyed! Tune back in soon for more of my favorite StarKid things! Leave me a comment with some of your favorite StarKid songs! I love you guys!


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