A Whole New World

hey guys my first story is inspired by ussabrefencer07's story Blazers,Slushies,Action! go check it out! :)

Chapter 1

Moving In

"What are you doing? Come on get off the phone, Anna!"
"ok. Bye I'm being forced to work."

My cousin Anna and I had both recently graduated from college, and were now moving into our apartment we shared in Los Angeles. We decides to move to LA because there were better opportunities for our careers there. Anna wanted to be a songwriter and producer. She even already had a client. Her name was Tiffany Alvord, and Anna had been talking to her on the phone setting up a time and place to meet up. I on the other had was not having such luck with my career move. I was an aspiring actress and had been on numerous auditions. So far I've sadly been rejected for every one of them. The one I was most anxious aboutt, though, was for FOX's Glee. I auditioned two weeks ago, when Anna and I were living in a hotel, still apartment hunting. I was going for a niew role Ryan Murphy had created, named Taylor. I didn't really know much about the character, so therefore was a bit unprepared. But enough rambling, on with life.
I was just sitting on our couch in our finally furnished apartment, watching some Disney movie with Anna, when my phone started blaring "Teenage Dream," Glee Cast Version. I ran up to grab it, questioning who it could be.


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