Harry Potter Questions

Chapter 1

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Who got you into Harry Potter? My parents attempted it, and it sort of worked, as well. Just not quite well.

Favorite character? Voldemort. I always had a soft spot for the truly insane characters...and yes, I know that should mean I like Bellatrix, but...something about her doesn't quite rub me the right way. So I'm divided.

Do you ship anyone? No, but I might if I got around to it.

Who do you ship? I would ship Dumbledore/Harry. Because the pederasty vibe is so apparent it's HILARIOUS. XD

Favorite part of the series? The Deathly Hallows-ish part. When things got darker. Then again, there were some plotholes, so I might instead say the Goblet of Fire.

Least favorite part of the series? Non-existent.

Have you seen AVPM\AVPS? No, but they're on my "to-watch" list.

Have you seen Potter Puppet Pals? Yes. And I recommend them (there's more than one video) to everyone. XD

Favorite line? Probably..."OY, there's a bloody WAR going on!"

Favorite actor from the movies? I don't pay attention to actors.

Favorite actress from the movies? See above. Though I guess I could do the crude thing and judge by looks, in which case it's...I don't know, honestly. Too many damn robes. XD

Thing that annoys you most about non-Potterheads? I am one, so...

Favorite scene from any of the movies? The one where Harry returns to life. Resurrection from the dead always held power over me.

Favorite book? All of them are way too long.

Favorite movie? The Goblet of Fire or either Deathly Hallows.

Favorite House? Gryffindor.

House you honestly think you'd be in? I'm going to say Gryffindor and hope I manage to pull this off somehow...okay, maybe Ravenclaw.

Best friend at Hogwarts? Luna, most definitely...

Crush? If I were actually there...not sure. Maybe miz Granger, maybe Luna, maybe someone hotter. As it stands? None.

Best subject? Not sure...either Defense against the Dark Arts or Care for Magical Creatures

Worst subject? Something tedious, probably.

Patronus? Something carnivourous...a cat, maybe. Or a lion, tiger, maybe a wolf.

Animagus? Why would this be different from my patronus?

Best crossover fanfiction idea? With a DnD universe.

Favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher? Madeye, though he seems the stricter type.

Favorite mythical creature in Harry Potter? I'd have to think on this one...thestrals maybe...Centaurs maybe...

Date to the Yule Ball? Whoever looked good. Of course, she'd probably either reject me or else I wouldn't have the courage to ask...

Character you hate that everybody loves? Don't really have this...

Character you love that everyone hates? ...Voldemort. XD That really should say enough. XD

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