READ! Very Important Post! (VIP)

Chapter 1


So my parents asked me to choose: Facebook, Tumblr or Quibblo. I said that i wanted facebook and Quibblo but they said only one, because they don't want me to stay at home all day, so i had to choose Facebook (sorry guys I know i'm letting you down... But I want to communicate with my friends that I see everyday!) So im handing this account to my friend Carley. She's 16 years old from Scotland and she's very bubbly and apic and fun and awesome and sooo reliable! So i want to get this straight: I'm leaving Quibblo tomorrow afternoon. My friend Carley will take this account so please don't be mean to her and try sending her messages and become friends! She's been with me in this account for a while so she's the only one i could trust to be nice to you guys. She's super friendly believe me! And don't remove her from your friends list just because i went away! It's totally not her fault! Please be friends with her and im gonna check on the account daily to see what's going on!

My Goodbyes:

Sophie: you have been a great friend to me! I love you! You were always there for me! Always! Don't worry we'll try to go shopping someday :D And Carley really wants to meet you!

Gabi: lol i loved how we spoke in Spanish 2gether! Carley has tried learning spanish but it has went on 2 years and she didn't learn anything... :D I'll miss you!

Jenny (or Jenni?): I hope you'll always remember our forensic mission of discovering who our disliker is! I will miss u so so so much! Carley was actually helping a little bit behind the scenes... You were a gr8 friend!

Nicole: We both love the Sims series and we're both proud christians! I will miss our gr8 convos!

Tammy: Sighs Even though you're not going online, you were a gr8 friend! I'll miss u!

Ashley: We had recently stopped talking but anyhow you were a nice friend!

Luna (Who is disgraced and deleted her account: Thank you for lying to me. I thought we were BFF, but you were a liar, after all...

MicheleZori: You were very interesting and nice to me! Thx for being a good friend!

WillFey: We haven't talked a lot but you were quite interesting! Thx for being my friend!

Yassa: You are one of my besties! Youre beautiful and fun and great!

Everyone who i talked to and became good friends with: I love ya'll... Please become friends with Carley (the magnificent social butterfly) She loves ya too!

So say your final good byes to me because Carley's gonna b Strawberry_'s official owner tomorrow afternoon!


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