Your One Thing- A One Direction Love Story

So here it is, my first story! I would really like feed could you please comment if it is good or not good! I'd really appreciate it! I can't take credit for the whole idea of this story, but for most of it. If you think it is too drawn out, you can skip to Chapter 3, where the boys come in.

Chapter 1


I was on my way home from school, the Atlanta traffic slowing me down, when an amazing announcement came on the radio.
"Do you call yourself a One Directioner? Do you want to meet the teenagers who have become Britain's hottest boy-band all starting with the X-Factor? Well here is your chance! You can enter online or call in right now for your chance to win a special night out with the boys from One Direction!"
Then the voice that explains the rules for the contest that you can't even understand comes on. I pushed a little harder on the gas pedal, wanting to get home as soon as possible now. I soon arrived in the driveway of my cute little suburban home. I rushed into my room and immidiately opened my books and began working.
After nearly two hours of Algebra and Life Sciences I logged online. Calling just seemed so unsafe or something to me. I quickly filled in all of the empty blanks in the application and crossed my fingers as i hit the "Send" button.
Now i just had to wait, and wait for a long time.
About a week and a half had passed and the results of the contest were being announced. I had my radio up loud and my Internet on in front of me. I could not miss the reveal of the winner so i had to have 2 sources, yes I am a little obsessed but I try not be, most of the time.
I listened closly as the top of the hour came closer. I watched my computer screen intently.
"So now the moment all you teenage girls have been waiting for. We have gotten thousands of applications from all over the world and now is the time to announce the winner of our "Meet One Direction Contest." Drum roll please," the radio host called and the cheesy sound of drums played as you heard him open an envelope. "And the winner is, a Alyssa Clark from Atlanta Georgia."
Wait did i hear that correctly? No, it couldn't have been. I refreshed my screen and sure enough there in bold black letters was my name plastered to my screen, for everyone to see. I was so excited i couldn't even move for a moment when all of a sudden i let a out a shriek was probably heard accross the neighborhood.
I ran downstairs and told my mom eagerly the good, no great, news of my winning of the contest. She beamed with excitement. My mom was always supportive of me, and lets face it, we are all a little giddy if either you or a family member just won a retreat to meet celebrities.
After getting the contest all sorted out I began packing, even though I wasn't scheduled to leave until Friday, two more days away.
I searched my closet intently trying to find the perfect dress to wear on my night out with One Direction. But i couldn't find anything, that only meant one thing. I was going to have to do some dress shopping.
I poked my head into my sister's room.
"Hey Ren, do you want to come shopping with me tomorrow?" I asked.
"Sure, I'd love too!" she replied.

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