Lost in the Night(HON fanfiction)

A group story by Luke'sArcade4ever and BebeGun!

Chapter 4

Gift Shown

I looked up at the new person that walked in. She looked like she would hang out with Danny and his crew, which I didn't really care about. I pointed to her and leaned in to Antebellum.

"Who is that?" She swallowed her bite before answering me.

"That's Aphrodite. You don't want to mess with her. She's a b*ch." I blinked and nodded. That makes sense.

"She's not just a b
*ch, right Twin?" One of the Twins said.

"Hell, yeah. She's a h@g from hell." The other responded in the same tone.

"Whoa. What happened to her Mark? I thought she was human again." One of the guys said. We looked at her and I heard some purring to my right. I looked down at Antebellum side and saw her Ragdoll cat. She meowed and rubbed against me. Behind the meow, though, I could hear something that sounded like talking.

"Don't be afraid of what can happen. It's part of a prophecy." Her mouth seemed to mouth with the words. That girl that walked in, walked over to our table just as I stood up, startled.

"Whoa. D-Did you guys hear that?" I asked to everyone. They looked at me with a weird look. I pointed to the cat. "T-That cat just spoke." Aphrodite looked at me, smirking.

"Yes. That's what they do. They meow like they're cats." She was treating me like a child. Feeling brave, I put my hand on my hip.

"Oh, shut up. I had to deal with people like you at my old school. I'm not going to deal with it here." Wow. When had I gotten so brave? I asked myself as my roommate pulled me aside.

"What did the cat say?" She asked. I looked at her and racked my brain.

"Um, she said not to be afraid of what can happen. She also said that it was part of a prophecy."

"Don't tell her. She already knows. Oh, also, don't trust Neferet." I looked down at the two cats at our feet.

"What do you mean, don't trust her? She's the only one that was nice to me." The cats just purred and walked away. I sighed and looked at Antebellum. She was smiling. It was freaking me out a little.

"You're the one." She whispered. I leaned in.

"The one what?"

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