Lost in the Night(HON fanfiction)

A group story by Luke'sArcade4ever and BebeGun!

Chapter 3

My new Roommate

I was sitting on my bed next Blue Eyes Dragon,waiting.Neferet said I was getting a new roommate.She never rooms me with anybody.They were gonna room me with Zoey when Stevie Rae died,but Neferet said no.I think its because I'm Nyx's daughter,her REAL daughter and Zoey his her ears and eyes.Mabye both of us in the same room could not be good.There was a knock on the door.
"Come in!" I yelled.They door open up and this girl walked in.
"Hi.Im Antebellum," I said.
"I'm Sunshine," She said.
"Cool name," I said getting up and grabing her things.Blue Eyes Dragon tried to jump on her sholder but failed.
"Ignore her.She's a Ragdoll," I said.I looked at my phone.It was time for dinner.I took out a sweater with the 3th year symbel.
"Here put this on and come with me," I said,handing her the sweater.
"Why do you have black and silver tattoos?" She asked.That took longer than I thought.
"Nyx is my mother.My birth mother.I was going to go to this camp for demi-gods but my mother said that I need to be here,so I stayed," I said.
"Ohh," She said.I get that from everybody that I tell the story too.
"Come on lets go get some food," I said.And we went down to the dining hall.I grabed a tray and handed it to Sunshine.I grabed me one and grabed some pasta and bread.She followed me to sit next to Zoey,Damin,Shaunee,Erin,Erik,and this new guy.
"Hey guys.This is my roommate Sunshine," I said sitting down next to Erin.
"Hey Sunshine I'm Zoey.Antebellum this is Jack,Erik's new roommate," Zoey said.
"Hi Jack," I said with bread in my mouth.Other than that we ate in silence.I would look at Zoey,then the Twins,then Damin,Erik,and somethimes Sunshine.Then the doors open up and walked in Aphrodite.

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