Lost in the Night(HON fanfiction)

A group story by Luke'sArcade4ever and BebeGun!

Chapter 2


I hurried down the hall, trying to get to my locker and out of school before Danny and his crowd picked on me for the being the nerd. Once at my locker I tried to get it open quicker than normal, but no such luck. The bell rang just I shut it to go to my car. I ran to the door, but was stopped short by Danny and his friends.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked as he backed me up to the nearby wall. I hit it and jumped a little. I looked around at the others walking by, not even concerned.

"N-Nowhere. Just, I-I-I was gonna go home an-and d-do my m-my homew-work."

"I-I-I was gonn-nn-nna g-g-go home." One of his friends imitated me. I sighed as they laughed at me. Seeing an opportunity, I stepped on Danny's foot and ran to the doors. Flinging them open, I saw they became angry. Terrified, I left with Danny words on my mind.

"You are so dead! You hear me?! I'm gonna kill you!" I squealed and ran to my car, shifted my backpack. Fumbling with my car keys, I stood in front of my car door, trying to unlock it. It was an old car, but I loved it. Occasionally, I would look up to see if they followed me, but no sign of them. I sighed in relief and calm down.

"Whew. That was a close. Gonna hate tomorrow." I muttered to myself as my body became still and not shaking with adrenaline. Only then, did I notice the man standing in the shadow, by the front of my locker. I blinked and he was standing in front me. All over again, I became scared. "Wha-?" He pointed to my forehead and said in a creepy voice,

"Jenny Swagkiz! Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!" By the end of his speech, I said rainbows around the edges of my vision and I blacked out, falling into my car.

Once I woke up, everything was just normal. The only thing that changed was that my eyes hurt from the sun, plus I felt weak. What's going on with me? I thought as I started my car. After stalling on me twice, I drove out of the parking lot, all the way to my current house.

"Ugh, something is definitely wrong with me." I muttered as I clumsily got out of the car in the garage. I locked my car and was relieved when the garage door closed. I went inside to head to my room when my adoptive mother stopped me.

"Where were you? I thought I told you to be home at 3 o'clock." She was in the kitchen, eating her dinner. Looking around, I noticed that dinner was on the table and ready. You know, at this point in the day, I was usually starving, but right now, the food looked disgusting to me.

"Sorry. I was knocked out. Some guy pointed at me and I felt tingling up here. I have no idea what that was about, but-" my mother got up quickly and sat me down. "What are you doing?" She looked at my forehead and gasped. With her hand on her mouth, I got up and went to the hall mirror. Panicking, I lifted my hair and stared at the tattoo I had there. It was a moon, but it wasn't filled in. I turned to face my mother when she pulled my arm to her car.

"Come on. We gotta get you to the school." I frowned.

"I was just there. I don't want to go back." She shook her head.

"No. Not your old school. A boarding school in Tulsa. It's a boarding school for your kind of kids." I was still frowning.

"You mean, nerds." She smiled, but shook her head again.

"No. I read about this article about the House of Night. It's a school for vampyres." I looked at her like she was crazy.

"Vampyres aren't real. They're fiction." I told her. She looked at me with an expression on her face that I knew very well. "I'm not wrong. They don't exist." She chuckled and continued driving until we got to where she said the house of Night was. I sighed and we headed in, looking around at different places. Once inside, I noticed it was empty.

"Where is everyone?" My mother said, walking around to different rooms.

"Well, they is no one here. Let's go home and figure out when I have this tattoo." I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the door, when I saw someone appear in front of me.

"Hello. I believe you are the new student, am I right?" I looked at her and backed up. I was getting bad vibes from her. "I'm sorry. So wrong of me to not introduce myself. My name is Neferet. I am the high priestess at this school." My mother stepped in front of me.

"Will she be okay here?" Neferet nodded.

"Yes. She'll be safe and sound here. We have a parent visitation day every month, so be sure to come on those days to make sure she's okay." My mother nodded and she kissed my forehead.

"You be a good girl, alright?" I chuckled, nervously.

"Aren't I always?" I whispered back. She smiled and left, wiping her eyes. I took a deep breath and turned towards Neferet. "Now what?" I asked, bravely. She smiled at me warmly and told me to walk with her.

"Are you ready to meet your roommate?" I looked at her and frowned. I have a roommate?

*A/N: Sorry I took so long. It was a while before I could think of something. DX Anyways your turn!

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