Lost in the Night(HON fanfiction)

A group story by Luke'sArcade4ever and BebeGun!

Chapter 1


BebeGun Character
Name: Sunshine (her name in the house of night place), Jenny Swagkiz (her name at the orphanage)
Year: first time like Zoey.
Gifts from Nyx: Able to talk to animals
Tattoo: Blue
Personality:Shy, nice, Kind
Background: Parents are dead, lives in an orphanage, no friends at school before she gets chosen
Looks: Flaming red hair, blue eyes, tan skin, medium height, skinny, freckles
Friends: Zoey, Damien, The Twins, Stevie Rae, Erik, Antebellum
Cat: black and white cat, Gyger, always sleeping

Luke'sArcade Character
Name:Gina Harper(before Marked),Antebellum(After being Marked)
Gifts from Nyx:Necromacy.
Tattoo:Black and silver
Background:She is from South Oklahoma.Her mom is......Nyx!She is a demi-god.Has her tattoos filled in and the design is swirls with moons and stars.
Looks:Dark skin,Long dark brown hair,brightest baby blue eyes,skinny.
Friends:Zoey,Sunshine,Damin,The twins,Stevie Rae,Aphrodite,Stark,Erik.
Cat:A Ragdoll kitten named Blue Eyes Dragon.

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