26 things for Xykon to do at Wal-mart

Chapter 1

Xykon's...ah...adventures in Wal-mart

A) Paralyze the clerks and steal everything while they watch.
B) Kill the annoying shoppers trying to call 911.
C) Call 911. I mean, he'd want a CHALLENGE.
D Have Redcloak and co. go chiseling away at the building supports.
E) Kill the idiot goblin crew that actually caused a part of the building to almost fall on him
F) Idle around pinging random survivors with magic missiles.
G) Be disgusted upon finding out that random survivor clinging to human girl is, in fact, a VAMPIRE.
H) ...freaking biophiles...
I) ...seriously, do the undead have no SHAME?!
J) Oh, whatever, she's dead now. The vampire looks like he'd be some fun...
K) Oh, never mind. Xykon just forgot about disintegrate.
L) Tell MiTD to shut up and go bother Redcloak or something.
M) Finally get to murdering the SWAT team they sent after him.
N) Exit building right around when it starts collapsing and more people come in.
O) Deal with Redcloak's whining about dead goblins or whatever.
P) See if there are any intact corpses.
Q) Go get Redcloak to make them undead.
R) Wish Tsukiko hadn't rebelled. She wouldn't have refused to make a whole bunch of them undead.
S) Start browsing the wreckage himself.
T) Find a whole bunch of random cases of things, wonder if they're important.
U) Pick up boulder, hurl it at helicopter.
V) Decide it's time to figure out where the hell he IS, anyway.
W) Debate between getting Redcloak to deal with it and going into some place and killing people till one of them talks.
X) End up doing both.
Y) Sit around wishing he still had the ability to sleep.
Z) Come up with brilliant idea--start designing "Xykon for Overlord" posters and fliers and going around making "campaign speeches". This will be HILARIOUS.

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