To Love And To Wait.....(A Marauder Love Story)

Hope You Like It:)

Chapter 4


I woke up the next morning and quickly went to eat breakfast. The Great Hall was already full with people and laughter.
"Hey Lexie,"I heard Ally call from behind. I turn to see her walking with the guys.
"Hey Ally,"I replied giving her a huge hugs,"So, how do you like your room?"
"Is nice, the girls are great also, we quickly became friends,"she replied with a huge smile.
"That sounds nice,"I replied,"And did Remus take care of you?"
"Don't worry I did, just like I promissed,"Remus replied for her.
"Yeah, actually him and Sirius did,"said Ally. My smile weakend as ishe said his name.
"Yeah, see I told you I can take care of her,"said Sirius.
"At least you can do something,"I replied,"oh, and James, am I going to tutor you this year again?"
"Yes, and since I passed last year some friends want you to tutor them...if that's fine,"he replied.
"Yeah its fine, uh...have to go they are giving out the time tables,"I said walking off, but not before hugging Ally goodbye.

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