To Love And To Wait.....(A Marauder Love Story)

Hope You Like It:)

Chapter 3


After dinner I catched up with Ally, she was with Sirius, James, Peter, and Remus. Remus and I are great friends which is great.
"Hey,"I said as I hugged Ally.
"Hi,"they all replied.
"So, Remus, I just came to tell you that you better take care of Ally,"I told him with a "mean" voice, making him laugh.
"Sure thing,"he said raising up his hand while laughing with the rest.
"And why not me?,"asked Sirius.
"No, I don't want her getting hurt,"I simply replied before turning around and leaving.
"Cold, for a Hufflepuff,"I heard James exclaim.
Cold? How dare he say it was cold? Cold is what his best friend did to me! Make me fall for him and the simply break my heart for no reason! Now that is cold!
"No...she's just hurt,"I heard Sirius reply to James. I stopped dead on my tracks for a bit.
I wanted to reply so badly, yes I am hurt, hurt because of you! But instead I began to walk again and left to catch up with the rest of the Hufflepuffs.

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