To Love And To Wait.....(A Marauder Love Story)

Hope You Like It:)

Chapter 2

Beyond Repair

Once at Hogwarts Spencer, Emmett, and I sat at the Hufflepuff table hoping that Ally would get Hufflepuff.
"She will surely get Hufflepuff, for sure,"said Spencer.
"Not likely, she reminds me a lot of that Sirius and James guys, Gryffindor,"said Emmett smiling. I stayed quiet, thinking about what Emmett had just said. It's true, Ally is more of a Gryffindor than Hufflepuff.
The sorting soon started, and Ally didnt have to wait long. They called her up and she skipped up and sat on the stool. The hat seemed to be deciding, probably stuck between two houses, but after a while our silent question was answered.
"Gryffindor!,"said the hat.
Ally smiled and went to the Gryffindor table, smiling bigger than I've ever seen her smile before. My heart skipped a beat once I saw who she sat next to. Sirius smiled down at her and hugged her.
"Told you,"exclaimed Emmettt, probably feeling victorious. I heard Spencer laugh, but I just sat there looking at my little sister talk to the guy that broke my heart. Ally looked my way, she smiled and wave when she saw I was looking at her. I smiled and waved back, then I looked at Sirius. He half smiled, but I simply looked away.

Sirius POV
Ally smiled and waved at someone, I looked up to see Rexie smiling and waving back. She looked my way and I half smiled at her, feeling terrible for I did to her. She simply looked away, not wanting to do anything with me.
Truth be told her, I miss her. I miss her her voice, laugh, giggles, eyes, the way she made me feel, I miss everything about her. The reason I ended it with her was because I was scared. Scared that finally a girl made me feel like this. No other girl has made me feel the way Lexie has. She is special, unique, and she owns my heart. Sadly, I think I broke hers beyond repair.

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