The Curse That Lies Within

The Curse That Lies Within


Chapter 1

by: _Andreea_
“If there are demons in this world, there are also those who can destroy them” I thought I had understood what that meant. But now I am not sure who are the demons, and who are the ones that destroy them. Are those who hold the brush really guardians, or are they actually the evil that must be wiped out?

“Ayrie Kaston, I’ve been informed that your grandmother has passed away,” the school secretary set her telephone down and smiled sympathetically. “Your mother is coming to pick you up.”

At first I didn’t comprehend what she was saying, and even when I did, I didn’t feel much emotion. I had never met the woman, nor did I know much about her. My parents didn’t like speaking about her, and I didn’t really care to find out why.

I really should at least feel a little sad, I scolded myself, settling down in a chair to wait. I had barely opened a book when my best friend burst into the office and threw her arms around me. “Oh my God, Ayrie, I heard what happened!”

“How did you- Never mind, I don’t want to know,” I pulled out of her embrace.

“You must be devastated!” she cried over dramatically.

“Um, actually-“

“That’s alright, you can cry,” she practically smashed my head into her shoulder. Did I mention this girl had absolutely no fat on her? “I’m here for you.”

“Neko, what are you doing?” I mumbled against her shirt.

“Just play along,” she whispered, then continued in a completely fake voice. “Your poor, poor grandmother!”

She turned to look at the secretary with moist eyes, getting her wavy black hair smacking me in the face. “Mrs. Nemann, you must understand that Ayrie is going through a lot of pain right now. She needs a friend by her side. I’ll be checking out of school with her, to give her a shoulder to cry on!”

Before I realized what happened, I was being dragged out of the school building by an overjoyed Neko.

“You planned this, didn’t you?” I asked, suspicious.

“Well, you didn’t expect me to actually take that insane math test, right?”

“You’re evil,” I smacked her shoulder.

“I know,” she grinned, then became serious. “But did you grandma really die? Are you okay?”

Before I could reply, my mom’s car pulled up. “Ayrie, Neko,” she acknowledged us with a nod of her head, obviously upset.

“Hello, Mrs. Kaston, I’m sorry to hear of you loss,” Neko said as we slid into the back seat.

Mom only nodded again.

“You did tell your mom that you’re coming with us, right?” I asked.

My friend nodded. “Where are we going?”

I set my grey eyes on Mom, awaiting a response.

“The hospital,” she replied curtly. The rest of the ride was silent, until we arrived at the large building. The clerk told us where the mortuary was and we went directly there.

“Mrs. Kaston? And…?” a nurse with a clipboard stood beside the door.

“This is my daughter and her friend,” Mom shifted uncomfortably.

“I’m afraid we can only allow family at this point,” the nurse looked pointedly at Neko.

“I’ll be in the waiting room if you need me,” the girl patted my shoulder, then left.

Mom laid her hand on the doorknob and took a deep breath. I noticed she was shaking slightly. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just fine,” she gave me a tight smile and opened the door.

The room was cold and stank of chemicals. There were several… corpses in body bags. One of the nurses led us to the one that was supposed to be my grandmother. I was grossed out and couldn’t wait to leave.

“Mrs. Kaston?” the doctor standing beside her looked at my mother for approval.


“Is your husband not here?” he asked again. What a nosy guy. But I had to admit, I was wondering where Dad was myself.

“No, he didn’t come,” Mom confirmed.

The doctor – Charles Beckome, as his nametag read – gestured at the black body bag. “A man found your mother on the side of the road, severely wounded, and he immediately called the ambulance. We did as much as we could, but I’m afraid we couldn’t help her.”


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