River Secrets.

River Secrets.

Hi! This is a new group story I started with Owner_Of_Marshmallows! BUT she disappeared from quibblo so I'm finishing it with AL16! It's all paranormal! :O

~Rachel, A.K.A Fairylight. :)

Chapter 1

The Bracelet.

I sat in my room kicking the side of my bed. My golden blonde hair curled gently past my eyes. I was clutching my mysterious blue bracelet. I'd found it in a river oddly enough, and it had been important to me ever since. Maybe someone had drowned in the river, and this bracelet had belonged to them. My dark brown eyes sweeped from my bracelet to my phone. It was buzzing. I picked it up from my desk, gently putting down the bracelet on my bed, and noticed I had a new text from my best friend Opal. It read: Hey Ash! How r u? Ur not still looking at that bracelet r u? Let it go! Some1 probably just dropped it in the river. No biggy. I sighed. Opal would never understand. I liked paranormal stuff, Opal didn't. She believed that all things have a reasonable science explanation. I don't. I replied to her saying: I'm okay. Yes, yes I am, but I really believe it is interesting. I don't think someone dropped it in there, it's wonderful. Anyway, forget about the bracelet, how r u? I folded my phone shut and grabbed my laptop. I searched Magic blue bracelet, sighing at myself that I'd actually used the word magic. Nothing came up. I sighed and gave up right away, as I had another text from Opal: Whatever you say Ashley! I'm okay. Wanna make eachother feel more than okay though? I heard Josh Bates is having a party down at the Phenomenon. Whole school's invited! Wanna go? :D
I smiled. I preferred it when she called me Ash, but sometimes she calls me by my real name, Ashley. I responded after I'd had one more glimpse at the bracelet. My text read: I'll come as long as Ray Philips is there! :D P.S CALL ME ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We both knew that if there was a party, Ray would be there. I packed my blue mystery away in my dresser and opened up my wardrobe. So may options.....

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