I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

new Harry potter love story!!! :)

Chapter 3

But i don't WANT a make over! i will curse you....no joke.

its been a week since Harry was chosen to be a champion. the first task is tonight.
im really nervous for him. we know its dragons but...Harry has never handled dragons. except Norbert....but we wont get into that. i know he can do it, im just scared he'll get hurt. i woke up today and i walked down to the common room and i was about to go get breakfast in my sweat pants when half the Beauxbatons girls came and attacked me. they gave me a make over too. they did my make up and left my hair down and curly as usual. because apparently it always look "Pearfect." yeah they say it like pear-fect. haha. but anyways, they even made me wear heals. really cute ones though.
i got changed into http://www.polyvore.com/zoe_make_over/set?id=45920222 and then i walked down to the common room and out the portrait hole. i walked in the middle of a giant blond girl huddle. we walked into the great hall. we all broke apart, each section of the huddle going to different table.
i walked by myself to the gryffindor table when someone stepped into my path...

all of a sudden there was Cedric in my way. "hey Zoe" he said and smiled at me. "hi." i said and smiled back. i was really hungry so i just kinda wanted to sit and eat with my friends. "you look great today. why the sudden change in wardrobe?" he asked me. he was giving an excuse for checking me out. "i got attacked by the Beauxbatons girls. i wonder what will happen when the ball comes around." i said. "about that...Zoe i was wondering...-" he started but then he was cut short by Fred and George coming and grabbing my elbows and carrying me away. "we'll talk later" i said as they lifted me away.
"What the heck guys?" i asked them. they put me down and crossed their arms. i mimicked them. "diggory was about to ask you to the ball. you cant go with the enemy champion." they said. "enemy? you guys were saying what a great guy he was last year! ugh. why is everyone trying to control what i do, what i wear, and who i talk to?!" i said and walked away.
i walked to where my friends were. both hermione and ginny were saying how amazing i looked. Harry was trying not to look at me and Ron was oggling. yes really oggling. eventually everyone left except harry. "harry why wont you look at me?" i asked. "i...what? im sorry im just nervous. i dont know whats gonna happen later. i should go get ready. they need me in a minute." he said. he started to get up. "hey harry?" i asked. he turned to look at me before standing up. i pecked his cheek. "good luck. im betting on you." i said and winked. then i hopped up quickly and went to the common room. i hope tonight is okay...i cant take another heart break.....

i got dressed for the first task http://www.polyvore.com/zoe_first_task/set?id=45711176 obviously i wasnt going to wear a dress and heals to the quidditch pitch. thats insane. And a death wish. I mean what idiot would wear heels through mud and grass to sit on hard wood benches and watch a friend battle a dragon while freezing your butt of? Not this chick.
I walked down with Hermione. "did you even see the way Harry watched you while you talked to Cedric? He was soooo jealous I could just see it in his eyes. What did Cedric want anyways?" she asked me. "he asked why I was wearing a dress, then he checked me out, then he was about to ask me to the ball when the twins carried me away." I said. "oh my word! He's a 7th year! He was gonna ask you? Are you sure?" she asked. "pretty positive. He said 'speaking of the ball....I was wondering...' and then the twins cut him off" I said. "you should go with him. I mean He is a champion and it could take Harry forever to ask you." she said. "I don't want to go with anyone else though. I wish I could just go by myself, but that's not a good reason to turn guys down." I said. Hermione just shrugged. "speaking of the ball, I need a dress and I know this great place in hogsmeade, wanna go with me in a few weeks?I have to meet Oliver first but then we can go shopping okay?" I asked. She just smiled and nodded. Even thought the ball is a good 2 months away it would be smart to go soon so we can good dresses before someone else does.
We got to the ith and we waited. Cedric went and he did some stupid thing with a dog which made absolutely no sense. Then fleur barely made it or alive, Krum did pretty well. Then it was Harrys turn. I looked at Hermione and she seemed as nervous as I was. I grabbed her hand and she squeezed it as hard as you would squeeze someone to suffocate them.
We watched, we freaked out, and we screamed when he gotthe egg. But he got burned. He got the hgiest marks except for that stupid death eater. He is just rigging it so Krum wins. I was so worried. Hermione and I ran to Madame pomfreys tent to see if he was Alright. We walked in and Cedric was in there so I semi bid behind Hermione. He looks pretty good shirtless. I went to Harry and threw my arms around him. "Harry! Ohmigosh you were so amazing! I'm so proud of you!" Hermione said as I pried myself off of Harry. "I can't believe I did it!" He said. We just laughed. All of us together. Except Ron, but he'd come around soon. Hopefully.......

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