I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

new Harry potter love story!!! :)

Chapter 2

cause when you're fifteen....every guy in school wants you?

we ate breakfast and talked as usual. i didnt eat much, and i saw that Harry noticed. he kept looking at me in a really weird way. i just had a lot on my plate. so hermione and Ron decided to go and she was gonna help ron finish his potions paper.as soon as they were out of ear shot Harry turned to me. he had one leg under the table and the other one was on the opposite side of the bench so that his body was facing me.
"okay whats up?" he asked me. "the ceiling." i said without even turning my head to look at him. "Come on Zo. you can talk to me. im your best friend." he said. i looked at him now. "its just school. im kinda overwhelmed. Plus im worried about Oliver. hes all alone in that house. plus he wont be here for my....my first christmas without him." i said. "well you'll have all of us with you. and dont tell ron, but you are better company than he is." he said and smiled. i smiled back and he got up to leave. "eat something, or ill be forced to sneak something from the kitchen later and make you eat it." he said and walked away. i smiled at his comment but i didnt eat anything. i got up and walked out of the great hall.
i was walking and not watching where i was going, so naturally, i ended up running into a tall muscular figure. i bounced back and fell on the ground. it kinda hurt, but im used to falling all the time. im not exactly coordinated. i looked up and saw Cedric Diggory standing in front of me. he looked down at me, smiled, and reached his hand out to help me up.
"sorry about that, i need to pay attention to where im going." i said and smiled at him. "it's okay. you're Zoe right?" he asked. "um, yeah? i didnt know that you knew who i was." i said. "every guy in this school knows who you are. i know why now." he said and winked at me. with that he left and i was really confused. all of a sudden he spun around. "hey Zoe?" he asked me. "yeah?" i asked. "come find me sometime." he said and walked away smiling widely. i just laughed and rolled my eyes. cedric is 17, and im only 14...15...ish...in a few weeks.
i walked to the common room so i could finish all my homework for the rest of this upcoming weeks classes. this way i can do all my homework the day i get it and get it done. im kind of an overachiever. but im not a smarty like hermione is, but sometimes she helps me if i need help. we do our homework together a lot.
i walked into the common room where Harry was sitting and staring at the fire. i was barely inside the portrait hole when Ginny and hermione came in and practically tackled me. "did cedric diggory hit on you in the corridor earlier??" hermione asked me. "um, yeah i guess so, why? and how in the heck did you know that?" i asked. "because he was talking to his friends when Ginny and i walked by and he said "Zoe is really cute. i think i might ask her out on a hogsmeade trip or something soon." and then we had to keep walking and find you before we screamed in front of everyone.
"oh...well then...i guess that wont be a surprise then. i mean he kinda asked me out but kinda not at the same time..." i said. "WHAT DID HE SAY?" ginny practically yelled at me. "he said 'come find me sometime' and then winked and then walked away." i said. "ohmygosh. he was totally asking you out in a non formal hard to read kind of way." ginny said. i looked at her quizzically. how in the heck would she know? shes only a 3rd year.
after that they went upstairs and i sat down by the fire, in a large plushy armchair. Harry was still sitting on the couch staring into the fire. "Harry, whats wrong? you are just staring at the fire like you are waiting for it to eat you." i said. he looked at me and just nodded his head. "dont go out with Diggory. he's not good for you." he said, he stood up and walked up to the boys dormitories. i was really confused. all i know is that i sat in that chair and did homework for 8 hours. from 11 o clock to 7. then i walked down to the great hall. i sat down with my friends who had already eaten.
harry looked at me and asked me, "have you eaten anything today?" and his face was very serious. "yes!" i said defensively. "what'd you eat?" he asked. "i ate...some fruit...at breakfast...i think." i said. then again i wasnt sure. strangely i wasnt hungry. at all. "Zoe! thats not good at all! you really should eat something!" hermione said to me.
"i know. i was just so busy with school and i had to write oliver and everything. i just got distracted and forgot." i said. "well you should eat something now. so we can all see you." he said. "fine! ill eat something." i took a roll and bit into it. just then Dumbledore started to talk.
i put my roll down and got a stern look from harry. i shrugged and swallowed my one bite. i listened to dumbledore. apparently we were supposed to go out to meet the new schools and then come back in for dessert. we all stood up. and went to meet everyone. somehow i got separated by a bunch of people and ended up towards the back of the group. then Dumbledore came over and asked me to come with him. then i walked over to where about 5 other students were. there were 3 boys and 2 girls. i knew one girl. Cho. the girl harry liked. and the other was her friend, i don't remember her name. then there was Cedric, and Draco, and one of draco's friend Blaise.
then professor McGonagall lead in the new schools. Beauxbatons on one side and durmstrang on the other.
she introduced each of us. she finally reached me. "students this is Zoe Wood. she is one of the best students here, and on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and she knows everything you need to know about hogwarts. feel free to ask any of our students and questions that you have. have fun at the feast" she said and shooed us. we walked back into the great hall and everyone else was back. "Zoe, do you mind if we sit with you? we feel most comfortable around you." some of the Beauxbatons girls said and a few durmstrang boys nodded. i smiled and said sure. the followed me over to my table and i sat across harry and ron. the durmstrang boys sat next to harry and across from me, but towards the left. the Beauxbatons girls sat to my left and hermione was to my left. dumbledore walked about he champions and said that the champion choosing would be monday and the first task would be the next saturday.
some of the new students said they were going to enter and asked if we were as well. we all said no and explained why. soon dinner was over. we all walked together to the place where they entered their names. we had to walk in the bridge to the other half of the school and it had been raining so the ground was kinda wet. and me being me, i slipped and almost fell backwards in a puddle of water, but thankfully Harry helped me. he caught me around the waist, and pulled me up. "careful you klutz." he said to me. i smiled and we started walking again.
after we went back to the common room, i stayed downstairs and i was talking with Harry when he disappeared. he came back with a tray on his hand. he handed it to me. i put it on the coffee table and took the lid off. it was my favorite food. he asked the kitchen to make it just for me. it was chicken in a thick pasta with creamy cheese sauce on top, with a small bowl of salad and a glass of sparkling pumpkin juice. i look up and kissed harry on the cheek. "i told you i would make you eat food if you didnt eat earlier. so eat!" he said to me. i smiled and ate happily. then i sat with Harry on the couch and slowly fell asleep....

Monday Night
i was sitting with a bunch of the durmstrang boys and a few Beauxbatons girls when they announced the champion. it was Krum (obviously), a girl named Fleur who i was friends with now, and cedric. i was relieved that no one that i knew very well was going to compete. i knew fleur and cedric, but they werent my best friends either. but then the worst thing happened. Harry was chosen. Hermione had to push him to go and join the others. i had to hold back tears. this year couldnt get any worse.....

TBC :)

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