I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

new Harry potter love story!!! :)

Chapter 14

The only one who undertands

Zoe's POV

Eventually, i pulled myself together and let go of Fred. i walked up into the room that Hermione, Ginny, and i were supposed to be sharing. I changed into my pajamas, and opened the door to let harry in. "Zoe, you have to tell me whats going on right now." he said to me. he closed the door behind him and i sat down on my bed. "I came home from school and it was just me and Oliver. Exactly one week after that, it was night and i was awoken in the middle night but a whisper in my head. I looked around and no one was there. i went downstairs and couldn't find anyone. I looked outside and saw my brother, my mother, and a death eater outside my house. i ran outside, no wand or anything. I raced outside, the death eater saw me, tried to kill me, and my mom jumped in front of me. she died. my brother tried to kill the death eater, but instead the death eater killed him. somehow, when they died, their power came to me. its like i was a magnet or something. all their power came to me, expanding my scars on my back, and it was just me and the death eater. i didnt even say a spell or anything, before i knew it, he was wrapped in ropes that just kept shrinking and squeezing him. but then he apparated away and i havent seen a death eater since. not even twenty minutes later, Dumbledore was there, bringing me here. and ive been here ever since. its usually just the weasely's and myself and Sirius. The others come and go for meetings but thats it." i told him. "and you get to be in the meetings." he asked me. "yes." i answered. i knew this would upset him. "why. why are you in the meetings and im not?" he asked. "gee, thanks harry. that makes me feel real good about myself!" i said to him. "you aren't who Voldemort wants!" he shouted at me. "we dont know that!" i shouted back. "so you have a lot of power! that doesn't mean anything! you're just another person to him, you dont matter!" he yelled at me. "harry. i cant do this anymore. i dont think we should see each other anymore." i said. my voice shook as my eyes got teary. "zoe... wait, thats not what i meant..." Harry said, but i was already opening the door and leaving him alone.

It was late enough that Mrs. Weasley told everyone to go to bed, but i told her i need some water. she saw my face and didnt ask questions. she knows i dont sleep at night. i went into the kitchen and stood at the sink. i let the silent sobs bubble over. for so long i couldn't cry, and now i cant seem to stop crying. Soon i felt a hand on my back, it was scratching in swirling motions. i didnt have to turn around to know it was Fred. he continued to scratch my back until I was about five minutes from falling asleep. Fred easily scooped my up and brought me to the couch in the drawing room. "what happened?" he asked me. my head was in his laps and my legs were spread out onto the rest of the couch. "Harry and i broke up, he said i didnt matter. the chosen one has an ego big enough to challenge Malfoy." i said. and then i fell asleep.

2 weeks later

after loading our things onto the train, we went to find a compartment. on the way to a compartment, Harry saw cho, and he couldn't help but make googly eyes at her. the thought of him with any other girl made me sick. i mustve stopped in my tracks and looked really bad, because i felt a hand grab mine and pull me into the closest empty compartment. "Breathe Zoe." Fred said as he embraced me into a hug. "im okay. im okay." i told him. it was a total lie and he knew it. but i know that if fred is here for me, i will be okay eventually.


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