I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

I'd Catch a Snitch For You (Harry Potter Love Story)

new Harry potter love story!!! :)

Chapter 1

I Have a Certain Fascination With Lightning... (part 1)

Zoe Jane Wood
age: 14, almost 15
year: 4th
house: gryffindor
facts: Oliver wood is her brother, but he is not at hogwarts anymore. she is an metamorphagus, can change herself to look like whatever she wants to. (pic is of her) she has blond hair and vibrant green eyes. has the body of a model. every guy in school wants her. including the older boys and even draco malfoy.

all other characters are normal, and the same from the books.

Chapter 1

"Oliver! Hurry up! im about to miss the train!" i said to my brother as we walked through the barrier. "im here im here. now get going! you dont want to be late!" he said. i kissed his cheek and hugged him. i ran towards the entrance to the trian and found a compartment. i lifted up my luggage. i almost had it, when another set of arms helped me push it over onto the rack. i looked behind me and saw my best friend. "Harry!" i said and i threw my arms around him. "hello to you too!" he said and hugged me back. then i let go and leaned out the window. "Oi! dont forget to write me!" i said to Oliver. he just smiled and winked and the train started to move. i turned back into the compartment and saw that Ron and Hermione had arrived now. Hermione and ron sat opposite of Harry and I.
"Hermione, Ron! how was your summer?" I asked them both. we all launched into the stories of our summers. Hermione had been traveling somewhere in the world, Ron had been at home...eating, and Harry had been home for about half the time and then went to weasleys for the other half. we all talked about the quidditch world cup. they had gone together but i had decided to go with Oliver since he was going to be on a pro team and he really wanted me to go with him.
we talked and ate treats for almost the entire ride to school. we were all really excited to be there. Hopefully this year will be a good year...

A month later
classes are hard. im so glad i quit divination and am taking muggle studies with Hermione. its a really easy class but also kinda fun. ron and harry had decided to stay with divination and they just made up their homework all the time.
we found at as soon as we got to school, that Quidditch for this year was canceled! canceled! i've been playing Quidditch all my life and i was on the team in both 2nd and 3rd year! i was so bummed out about it and so was harry. but the triwizard tournament seems cool. i'm just glad none of my close friends can enter and get hurt. some of the things they have talked about for it have sounded pretty dangerous and scary.
the new schools are coming soon. soon as in tomorrow. i was accepted into Beauxbatons, but i decided to go to Hogwarts like Oliver. he always said such great things about it and how all of his friends were great and how Dumbledore was a total genius.
i finished my paper on the potion for making someone appear different to a single person than they do to everyone else, for potions, and decided to head up to bed. "Hey Zoe..." Harry said to me. "yeah?" "can i..by any chance...." he started. "copy my essay? no. but you can look at it and word it differently while i go to sleep." i said. i handed him my essay and he smiled at me. i smiled back tiredly and went up to bed.
it was the day that the school were coming! i got up, took a shower, braided my hair in a cute/cool way and got dressed in a really simple outfit. http://www.polyvore.com/zoe_hanging_with_gang/set?id=45708142 since its a saturday, Dumbledore said we could dress in our muggle clothes.
i walked down to Breakfast with Hermione. Harry and Ron were already in there. we were about to enter the great hall when Hermione pulled me back. "what?" i asked. "i know." she said and crossed her arms over her chest. "you know what?" i asked. i was kinda confused... "i know that you love Harry and that you have loved him ever since the day you saw him first. and they way you hugged him on the train? its like you hadn't seen him in years. it was only a few months." she said. "have i been that obvious??" i asked her. "no, im just around you all the time and you get this weird look in your eye whenever he smiles at you. its really sweet actually." she said. "yeah well sweet doesn't get me a boyfriend. i mean i like him a lot but he would never like me. i mean he is like my guy best friend and i've known him for so long, or at least it feels like a long time. he could never like me." i said.
"of course he likes you! every guy in this school likes you! you are gorgeous!" she said. "but im not the kind of girl harry wants. he wants someone brave, and confident, and smart, and sweet, and who puts others first. im not like that. im selfish, and rude, and annoying, and a coward. and he obviously likes cho." i said. "but-" she started when i cut her off, "save it hermione. i think about it every day. nothing is going to change." i said and walked into the great hall.
i sat down next to Harry, who was across from Ron, who was next to hermione, who was across from me. Harry looked at me, and gave me a strange look. "whats wrong Zoe?" he asked me. "hm? oh um nothing. just thinking." i said. he nodded and went back to eating. i saw hermione throw him a glare that could kill but he didnt see it.
this is gonna be one really looong year if it all goes like this....

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