Third Generation Love (Just a Bunch of Kids...Harry Potter's Kids)

Third Generation Love (Just a Bunch of Kids...Harry Potter's Kids)

Now presenting the story of me, Bronwyn Taylors (I've always wanted to say that!) and my mates. You thought it was over. Hah! It's never over...

Chapter 1

Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello

by: mgrace72
"Bryn Honey!" suddenly I jerked upright into a feeble fighting position. The light coming through the open drapes caused my head to throb and sweat pored down my face, making dark curls stick to my forehead. My heart beat unevenly and my eleven year old muscles were tense but that's funny, I didn't remember running a marathon.
My mum walked into the room carrying a platter with pancakes on it, the smell wafting from them broke my train of thought. She had a concerned look on her face. It made her slowly greying hair seem even more...well, less.
"Are you okay deary?" She put the food down on the edge of my bed and blue birds chirped outside.
There was absoloutley nothing wrong with the last bit of that sentence but the words "No, somethings wrong." parted my lips anyway. I was taken aback by the croakieness of my own voice and placed a tentative hand on my sore throat. For a moment I remebered a distant strike of blood curdeling pain and the echo of screaming in my ear but then my mum said;
"You were talking in your sleep again last night; here's some water." and with a wave of her wand cool soothing liquid ran down my throat. Once I'd drained the cup I put it on my already cramped bedside table. "You want to stay honey? How bad was it? You know you can always wait till next year if your scared. Are you scared honey? Come here." and with that I was engulfed in a itchy wool sweater hug. I always loved those, but not this time. Why couldn't I remember my dream? What was going on? Then I remembered where I had to be today.
"Mum release! MUM!" she pulled back gently and I spoke to her like a puppy saying, "That's a good mummy. Now, how's bout we goes and eats the food now. That okay?"
She narrowed her eyes and said firmly "Not untill you tell me what's wrong."
She had a 'no nonsense kid, I brought you into this world I can take you out' kinda look on her face.
Okay, maybe treating her like a dog wasn't the best wat to change the subject. Then again maybe waking up a mess and saying grimly that something was wrong wasn't the best way of keeping her convinced about school.
"Mummy, I have to go to Hogwarts! Why are you so convinced as soon as I step foot in the castle I'll be struck dead?!?!" I know that sounds a bit extreme but she seriously wouldn't stop worrying. As soon as i got my letter in the mail a couple weeks ago (the best day of my life I might add) her and Dad kinda went crazy. First they said no. Then they said Of course! Then they really didn't know what to think. I hadn't be allowed to go untill yesterday and now this!
I thought using the word 'mummy' would soften her up a bit but she looked even more unnerved. "Mum, I am going to Hogwarts! There is no way you can keep me here! I'll run away if I have to!"
"It might not be safe." she mumbled looking, down at her hands. I just snorted. Hogwarts was the most safe place in the whole world, especailly after...Voldemort...I grabbed her hands and looked her directly in those pale blue eyes.
"It was just a dream okay, a nightmare. I know you love me and I'll be careful. Now please. I need to get dressed." She took a long moment to stare back into my eyes. I felt If I blinked I'd lose even though we weren't doing a staring contest.
When she finally got up to go I was releaved. My eyes were watering. " Hurry up now, we've got a train to catch."

****Two Hours Later****

My dad practically had me jogging to keep up with his long strides. This was not so easy to do in the flowery dress I was sporting. I was glad for the skinny jeans and toms underneath the dress as a fierce breaze tore threw my maine of hair.
A 'maine' is really the only way to describe my hair. It's super thick and always falls in dark chocolate swirls. It's because of the contrast between my pale skin and hair color that some mistake me for a vampire, ghost, or anything without skin pigment. Then I turn bright red and all those therories are proved false.
"Hurry up Bryn!" dad called.
"Oh, why don't you slow down!"
Dad turned around and picked me up in one smooth motion. I didn't want to be looked at as a little baby on my first day but I couldn't help the laugh. My dad was my favorite person in the world and also the craziest! (little did i know that position would be filled by someone else throughout the year)
"Not gonna happen girly! You'll be late!" His Scotish accent somehow made his voice even more booming loud.
Faces blurred past us. People in long coats made appalled noises at our hurrying. It made the whole experience even better.
"Keep out the way you Buggers!!!" I yelled and my dad laughed again.
Suddenly I didn't have any reason to be laughing. I had a reason to scream though. I closed My eyes so tight I tought my head ache might come back. The wall came ever closer and I knew dad had gone bonkers! We were gonna go splat for sure!
And then...nothing?
"Da-darling you can let go now!" My father choked out. "Please before I pop!" I followed my dad's instruction slowly, suprised at my surroundings. A big red train puffed little clouds of smoke to my left while dozens of odd looking familys crowded around. Some were waving and some were crying. I saw a tall man a little ways away wearing a round rimmed pair of glasses. Next to him was a boy who looked about my age.
"Dad put me down fast!!!" I never lost sight of that boy. My cheeks began to burn.
"I would've dropped you sooner had you not tried to suffacate me!"
"Sorry dad."
"It's okay but y-" he stopped talking abruptely and I followed his gaze. He peared at the boy "Is can't be" He shook his head.
"Don't tell me you know that cute boy!" My face had just barley started to turn to normal. Guess that was a lost cause. My dad swung around and looked at me bewildered. Oops. What did I say?
"Harry Potter, Bronwyn, is NOT cute! He is a forty something year old man! My daughter! What the He-"
"Dad! I don't mean the old fart! What's wrong with you! I meant...oh forget it." I looked at the ground and started trotting away.
"Ohhhhh." My dad said with relief, taking in the sight of the boy. Then he noticed me walking in the opposite direction, "Hey! Bryn!"
I ignored his cry and kept walking.
"What do you say we go meet the famous Harry Potter?"
I stopped in my tracks but didn't face him.
"What do you say we meet his son?"
I turned slowly....

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