Whenever You Kiss Him I'm Breaking... (One Direction Love Story)

Hey! New group love story!
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Chapter 1

Introducing Bonnie

by: Stylinson
Name: Bonnie Payne
Age: 16
Eyes: Almost black
Hair: Chocolate brown
BIO: Bonnie is the one and only sister of Liam Payne. She was raised in Australia by her Aunt and only even heard of Liam. When Liam began rising to fame he wanted his only sibling to know, so he found her. They became extremely close and couldn’t bear to part. Bonnie moved to London with Liam and is now living with the band… Life is interesting.

I’d only been here two days and Liam was already asking his manager if I could tag along on their tour. I tugged at the bottom of his shirt to get his attention.
“One minute.” He mouthed with puppy dog eyes.
I rolled my eyes and waited. No sooner he hung up.
“You can come!” He exclaimed.
I beamed and jumped up to hug him.
‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I exclaimed.
He laughed and hugged me lightly. The thought of being stuck here alone without anyone I knew would be horrible.
I stopped hugging him and stared up.
“What?” He quizzed.
“You said you were going with another band, who?” I asked.
“Have you heard of Big Time Rush?” He asked.
I shook my head.
“Oh, well, them.” He said.
I walked into the kitchen and began making tea.
“Are they any good?” I questioned.
“Yes, otherwise we wouldn’t be going with them.” He replied.
He began surfing through the channels and I made him a tea as well. I took the cups back into the lounge room and gave him his.
“What are you looking for?” I asked giggling.
He was sorting slowly through the children’s channels.
“Their show.” He muttered in frustration.
My eyes went wide.
“They have a kids show!? Ugh!” I moaned.
“Don’t judge them!” Liam scolded. “They are really talented.”
I mimicked him in a childish way and turned my attention to the show. It was alright and very obvious that they had talent. Just then the rest of the band ran in. They were making as much noise as they could.
“BONNIE!” Louis exclaimed.
He pounced on me and crash tackled me to the ground. I laughed hysterically while Zayn tried to pry him off. When I was free I stood up and sat beside Harry.
“Ready for the most amazing holiday ever!?” He asked in a dramatic voice.
I laughed and blushed.
“Of course.” I mumbled.
“GROUP HUG!” Niall beamed.
They moved in tauntingly and wrapped their arms around me and each other. I was crushed in between five boys. This was going to be an interesting tour.

(A/N: Sorry, I know it's short! The rest will be longer!)

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