The Silver Dragons Lullaby

Chapter 1

Stella Graypher

by: Eva_Nara
"Don't be weepy, sleepy wrmlings,
Slip your slippers on your clawsies.
In the morning you'll get goodies,
Dragon hats and dragon hoodies.
With stripes and polka dots.
Silver gray and feather soft!
Baby pink or baby blue?
All the jewels that you can chew...

Stella sang with her wooden dragon music box, as she did every night. She tucked herself in. Her lullaby always calmed her enough to sleep. She was usually so jittery and anxious.

She was home alone, as her mother was at work. Although, this was something she was used to, the small house seemed quiet. Usually, her younger brother was there, but he stayed with their grandmother tonight. She finally had a bit of peace.

She stared out of the big, round window. The moonlight poured into the little attic that was Stellas room. She stared out into the cloudless, black sky. Stares sparkled and twinkled around the full moon. She listened to the music of the night. The crickets, the small brook, the frogs, the wind. They were all a part of a big orchestra called Night.

She sighed, breaking the beautiful stillness of her sanctuary. She knew this would end as soon as the sun came up. Why not savor this beauty while it lasted? She got up, pulled on a sweater and her boots, slipped her seacret knife in her pocket, and headed for the door...

I hope you like the first chapter, although it was short! Tell me what you think of this chapter, and chapters to come! :D Thank you!


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