Drop Dead Starkid (A Dylan Saunders love story)

Lexi woke up 13 and went to bed 21.How is this possable?Lets find out on her crazy journey!

Chapter 1

FTW what just happen to me

I woke up a normal 13 year old.The last thing on my mind was that when I went to bed I was 21.I got up,all ready for school and I got on the bus.My bus driver is the most oldest guy I think he went to school with George Washington.He was looking back at us in the back and he drove off the road and into a fast running river and then I woke up in a white room.
"Am I in heaven?" I asked.
"Ohh she's awake.Joe she's awake," a women said.Who's Joe?
"Who are you?" I asked.
"Nikki.Its me.Your mother.Ohh my dear god she dosent know us,Joe.SHE DOSENT KNOW US!!!" the women yelled.Wow she has a voice.Then the docter came in.
"Mrs. Harper settle down.Its normal that she dosent know.She has some post-aminish(sp?).Give her some time.Show her some pictures," The doc said.
I later found out things about the New Me.My name is Nikki Marie Harper.My parents own Harper's Lofts,one of which I own.I have two Ragdoll cats named Tiger and Blue Eyes Dragon.I'm 21 years old.I live and have lived in Chicago my entire life.I work at home.No boyfriend,sadly.My bestfriends have all moved out of state.My life begins at this point.

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