Seaweed (Finnick Odair)

This is like,Finnick Odair..I love him.

Chapter 1

Amber has anger issues!

So,you've scattered across my story.Well,I suppose you wanna hear it now,so hear we go.My name is Amber Woods.And,I'm from District Four.Now,I know what your thinking.Oh,she's just gonna turn out to be with Finnick,and then they will live happily ever after.But that doesn't happen anymore.Not,in the districts at least.But,back to the story.Ever since Finnick was picked for the Hunger Games,my life has been horrible.We used to be the bestest friends.

We were like twins.We helped feed eachothers families,and when every person in our family's died off,the two of us lived together.But,when he got picked for the Hunger Games,and won..Finnick moved to the big houses,and I was forgotten.See,I have no idea what happen,when he was in the capitol,but I don't expect it to be good.The year before Katniss and Peeta won the games,was the year I was choosen.This is how it played out.

"Ladies first.."Effie pulled out a slip of paper."Ah..Amber Woods."
Every eye was on me now.I pushed my way out of the hands that were reaching out to me.Now that Finnick wasn't apart of my life,I turned into a snotty girl.I hated everyone..I did horrible things to people.But it was all because of him.So,what if I died in the games?Not like he cares.I went up to the stage,and she held my hand up.
"Amber Woods,everyone!"Effie said.No one cheered,as always.I tuned her out,for the boy,but I looked into the crowd.The only one who was looking at me now,was Finnick.

He stared at me for a while,finally noticing me.
"Any words?"Effie asked.My friend,Charles who had unfortunetly been picked stopped me from saying something,by picking me up,and pushing me away gently.
"No.Let's just get on the train."He said,still holding onto my waist.
"Get off,Charlie."I snapped.He let go,and I angrily followed effie to the train.
~Back to Normal~

So,that year..I lost a great friend.But I won the honor of never having to starve again.The horrible part,was having to live next to Finnick.He would always watch me,as I went outside to go sit by the little pond the district had.It was right behind our houses.I knew he noticed me,I just didn't look back at him.Until 2 years later.And this is where the love story begins.
I pushed the seaweed back and forth in the water,with my foot.It was so beautiful..Watching the sunset,go down.I watched unlike normal people,by watching the reflection from the water.I felt his eyes on me,as he too sat on his deck,watching.This was the normal activity when we lived together.I couldn't take it anymore..I took a breath before talking to him for the first time in years.
"Stop watching me."I said,loud enough for him to hear.
"You've changed Amber."He said.

"Yeah,well it's been 3 years,Finnick.Get over it."I snapped.
"And she's snotty too.Fame's really getting to you,isn't it?"He asked.
"It wouldn't have happen if you didn't leave me."I said,before grabbing my shoes,and walking back inside.I turned the tv on,leaving the back door wide open.My phone rang.I let it ring,knowing it was Finnick.
"...the latest news,of a Quarter Quell from the-"
"NO!!!!"I screamed.I screamed,and ran outside to the pond.I grabbed the biggest rock I could find,and threw it with all my might.For hours,I bad-mouthed the capitol,and threw all the rocks on my side,into the water.Of course,I didn't say it out loud.Finnick came out on his deck.

"What's going on?"He asked.I turned,actually looking at him for the first time.
"A Quarter Quell!A freaking,Quarter Quell is coming up!I don't wanna see more people die!It was horrifying the first time!"I yelled,throwing one last rock at the water,and then walking back inside.I slumped back down on my couch,and turned the tv back one.
"...The Quarter Quell tributes will be announced,tomorrow starting at-"

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