Marauder Magic (A Marauder Era Love Story)

Chapter 1

Kings Cross (Ember's P.O.V)

Name: Ember Thorn
Appearance: Bright blue eyes (but change color based on her mood), long waist-lenght red hair, tall, skinny
Personality: Funny, brave, kind, very insecure, but very friendly and open
Blood Type: Pure-blood

Kings Cross (Embers P.O.V)

I walked through the train station, ignoring the looks the muggles shot at me, pushing my trolley filled with trunks, my owl Diablo, and my kitten Kamen forward. I tried to keep in control, but the scent of all those people was really tempting. I took a deep breath, checking my watch, a full moon tomorrow. Crap, I thought, the week of the full moon is always the worst. I walked quickly to the barrier between Platforms 9 and 10. I looked around me, making sure no muggles were watching. I saw a sandy haired boy run through, and I quickly followed suit. I went through the wall, and crashed into someone on the other side. I fell to the side, my trolley on my legs. Diablo gave a hoot, ruffling his feathers, and Kamen gave a hiss.
"Owwwww" I heard a voice on the other side of the crash say
I pushed the trolley off of me, looking over the wreckage to see the sandy haired boy sprawled on the floor, his owl cage on his chest, and a trunk on his foot.
"Owwww" he said again, sitting up, and I went over to help him, pulling his trunk off his foot.
"Are you okay?" I asked the boy, helping him to his feet. His face was very handsome, despite all the scars on his face. He had startlingly blue eyes, like pools of sky. He laughed, shaking his foot.
"Apart from my foot being smashed by a 50lb. trunk, I am just fine." the boy said jokingly.
"Sorry about that," I said, "I didn’t see you there"
"Its okay ????" the boy said
"Ember, Ember Thorn" I said
"Ember? Thats a cool name. Mines is Remus, Remus Lupin"
I looked at his stuff, all scattered on the floor.
"Do you want help picking your stuff off the floor Remus?" I asked him.
He looked around, and laughed,
"Yeah, I would love some help Ember, thanks."
We spent around 15 minutes picking up all of Remus’s things, and putting it in his trolley.
"I like your outfit Ember," Remus said, as I handed him his owl cage.
"Thanks..." I said, looking down in wonder at my outfit. (
I didn’t see what was so special about it.
"I like your shirt" Remus explained.
"Oh! Thanks Remus!" I said, "This is my favorite shirt"
"Well Ember, we had better get to the train, so we can get an empty compartment."
I nodded, and Remus and I headed to the scarlet train. We got on board, and I immediately felt my body stiffen up at the smell of so many humans, their blood calling to me. I felt my fangs slide down, and Remus turned, concern in his eyes.
"Whats wrong Ember?" he asked me
"Nothing," I said, gritting my teeth, "Lets find an empty compartment"
I walked away from all the people, heading towards the back of the train. I found an empty one near the back, and Remus and I sat down in the compartment across from each other. I put my head in my hands and took deep breaths, trying to get my fangs back inside my gums. When I looked up, I saw Remus looking at me concerned.
"Whats wrong Ember? What happened back there?" he asked me kindly, his hand on my shoulder. I looked him in the eyes, trying to see whether or not I could trust him. In his blue eyes I saw only concern, and decided that I could trust him.
"Okay. Remus I have a secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone."
Remus nodded, and I continued.
"I am a vampire. Whenever I am by large groups of people, I feel like their blood calls to me, and the week of the full moon, which, by the way, is this week, is always worse."
I dropped my head back into my hands, worried. Had I misread Remus’s eyes? Is he gonna hate me, or tell everyone about me? I heard Remus get up and thought that he was gonna leave, but he came and sat by me, and put his arm around me. I leaned into his chest, and Remus stroked my hair.
"Its okay Ember. Its okay." he said, continuing to stroke my hair. "I have a secret for you as well." I looked up, noticing the change in his tone. He looked at me, his blue eyes filled with pain at the secret, and relief that he would finally be able to share it.
"I am a werewolf" I looked at him in amazement, realizing where all his scars came from. It was his turn to put his head in his head, and my arm around his shoulders.
"Its okay Remus, its okay. At least we have each other" I said, as I hugged him. I felt the tension go out of his shoulders, and his voice cracked,
"Thanks Ember, you are a great friend"
Wow, I haven’t even seen Hogwarts, but already have a best friend, I thought. I released him from my hug as two black haired boys came into the compartment.
"Can we sit here?" the one with glasses said.
Remus looked at me, and I knew what he was asking with his eyes. He was wondering if I would be okay with two humans in here. I gave a nod, and Remus told them to sit down.
"I am James Potter" the one with the glasses said, "And this git over here is Sirius Black"
"Hey!" Sirius said, "I think your missing the 'awesome' in there mate"
James punched Sirius in the shoulder, and me and Remus looked at each other.
"And what are our gracious hosts names?" Sirius asked me and Remus jokingly.
"I, dear sir, am Ember Thorn, and that kind man is Sir Remus Lupin," I replied jokingly to Sirius. Sirius and James grinned, and Remus shot me a annoyed grin.
"We got ourselves a funny pair, now don’t we James?"
"I agree completely Sirius. So, what houses are you hoping for?" James asked me and Remus.
"Gyffindor" he said, and I nodded.
"Me and James too." said Sirius
"Can you imagine being put in Slytherin? I’d leave, wouldn’t you?" James said as the compartment door burst open again. A group of boys wearing robes with the Slytherin crest on them.
"Speak of the devil, and the devil shall arrive." Sirius muttered.
The lead boy twirled his wand, and pointed it at James.
"I don’t think I’d be talking that way Potter" the lead boy said.
I gripped Remus’s hand, trying to stay under control. Remus looked at me, and understood instantly. He saw my fangs poke through my lips, and my hand went to my mouth.
"Please leave," Remus said, "We aren't looking for trouble"
The Slytherin boy looked at Remus, who was standing up, his arm around me.
"Your lucky your boyfriend was here Potter" he said, spitting out James’s name. They turned around and left. Remus put his arm around me, pushing my hair back from my eyes.
"Are you okay Ember?" he asked me.
"I" I said slowly
He nodded,
"Don’t let the others come near me just yet Rem. My fangs are still out." He nodded.
"What was that all about Remus?" James asked, disappointed. "I was looking for some action. Oh, and Ember, what happened back there."
"Yeah" Sirius said, "It looked like you were having a fit or something"
Remus looked at me, and I took a deep breath,
"It-it was n-nothing guys"
They looked at each other, clearly not believing me. I checked my watch, and gasped in surprise.
"We have to change, we’ll be there in 20 minutes."
I grabbed my clothes and headed to the bathroom.

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