76 questions

i was bored so i reposted :P

Chapter 1


by: Giving_Up
1. are you a boy or girl?:

2. how old are you?:

3. what is your Chinese zodiac sign?:
-i dont know....
4. what is your zodiac sign?:

5. who is your best friend?:
-There are a few: Tyler..well hes my boyfriend but hes still one of the best.Brianna,Tessa,Victoria
6. who are some actors that you think are hot?:
-Liam Hemsworth,Ryan Gosling,
7. who is your favorite actress?:
-at the moment..Cameron Diaz but im sure Jennifer Lawrence will win me over

8. who is your favorite band?:
-AHH this is a hard one....if i had to pick one band to listen to for the rest of my life it would be He Is We

9. who do you love the most?:
-....i dont know my family...i guess

10. what is your favorite color?:
-neon green

11. would you give up everything you had for your soul-mate?:
-....I dont think id have to....if he/she was my soulmate,why would they make me choose?

12. are you single?:
- Nope. (;

13. what if you met your soul-mate at the wrong time?:
-uh idk
14. jacob black or edward cullen?:
-neither....i like peeta :3

15. twilight or harry potter?:

16. burn in the sun or sparkle?:
- sparkle....i guess..as long as im not overly pale and worry about giant dogs.

17. would you go all the way on the first date?:
- no...im not that type of person.

18. hugs or kisses?:
- both

19. imagine it is a dark night you are alone, who do you call?:
- my friend Felisha...she can always make things fun..

20. what have you've been thinking about lately?:
- Summer Vacation....and Tyler....just a little....well mabey..alot... ;D

21. if you could be at your dream place right now, what would you be doing?:
-HMM hanging out with the hunger games cast....oh yess....

22. if somebody was describing your personality what would they say?:
-That im quiet and shy unless ive known you long..and i have a really weird laugh...xD oh and that im nice......i am nice.. :3

23. what gives you butterflies in your tummy?:

24. if you could get an endless supply of any food what would you get?:
- :o tacos..

25. if you could be any animal what would you be and why?:
-A white tiger..cause they are BEAUTIFUL!

26. when you were little who was your favorite super-hero?:
-....Kim Possible...if that counts xD

27. what's your favorite thing to do in the summer?:
- Soccer,Swim,Tan,Act like a Fool!

28. if you were an icecream what would it be?:
-...o.O Vaniella..what ya see is whatcha get..

29. what's your favorite cartoon character?:
- Finn from Adventure Time!!

30. are you a morning or night person?:
-ehh..night i guess.

31. what are your favorite hobbies?:
-Soccer,...yeah..thats it...

32. what are your pet peeves or interesting things you don't like about yourself?:
- i dont like how im too nice to people who treat me like crap..and i dont like how i hate school and i dont like how my hair looks today...its soo annoying when people try to sing but cant and when people say "woow im so fat" when they know there not..cause there the skinniest person in the room -.-

33. if someone made a movie about your life what genre would it be in?:
- Comedy...well..idk...right now it would be comedy...when i was little prolly drama :P

34. if you were a comic-strip character who would it be?:

35. what message or thought would you like to put in a fortune cookie?:

36. if you had to give up a favorite food which would it be?:
-....nooooo but,but,why?? :{

37. what is one food you never want to taste again?:
-....sardines xP

38. if you won a lottery ticket and got a million dollars what would you do with it?:
-Buy my GRandma a new car..i promised her i would when i was seven...then id donate some and put the rest in the bank.
39. you've been given access to a time machine where and when would you travel to?:
-hmmm seventh grade to reject Kyle when he asked me out ..
40. in your opinion what animal is the best?:
-idk....Kittens! >:3

41. what is one item you should really throw away but probably won't?:
-.....My cleats that dont fit....theres just so many memories!

42. growing up what were your favorite toys?:
- My stuffed pikachu...and remote controlled cars...oh cant forget the G.I joes!!! i was such a tomboy xD

43. who is the most relevant person in our time?:
-..like most popular...i guess justin bieber...his fans are everywhere and everyone knows who he is...DONT DENY IT!

44. what is the title of the best book you've ever read?:
-THE HUNGER GAMES...the whole series (:

45. what is the name of the best movie you've ever seen?:
- ask me again in a week...ill tell you the hunger games then

46. what's the name of the worst movie you've ever seen?:
-...'Terri.'..it was so pointless!!!

47. what comes to mind when you hear the word reality?:
-...Reality T.V. o.o

48. what is the most beautiful thing about people?:
-...the compassion and love people have.

49. what is the most honest thing you've done?:
-...i have no idea..

50. if you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?:
-i dont know...physically or mentally?physically....my ears..there so small,mentally how much i worry.

51. what is the ugliest thing you know?:

52. what do you like to do most with a free hour?:
-hangout with my friends,boyfriend..soccer

53. what is the most significant event of the past 3 months?:
- ...being able to play soccer again!!!And being able to call the sweetest guy alive mine x3

54. on what basis do you select your friends?:
-People who are just fun to be with...lighthearted and mostly the people who dont fit in...those are the real friends.
55. what is the greatest problem in the united states?:
- i think the government..needs to check themselves.... -.-
56. what is the greatest value that guides your life?:
-Staying True to myself.
57. what is the greatest crime one person can commit to another?:
58. for what do you think you'd be willing to lay down your life?:
- when im older...my kids....but right now..my friend Brianna.

59. what do you feel when you stand at the shore in the ocean?:
- ....the sand ;]

60. choose a word to describe your life up to this moment?:
61 what is the most beautiful thing you've seen?:
- My ex girlfriend win the fight against cancer....

62. what is your biggest worry?:
- not being good enough...sometimes i worry about that...

63. what do people like best about you?:
- Im honest.and i can make them laugh

64.what do you think when you think of the word tragedy?:
65. what skill do you need in order to succeed?:
-Positive Attitude

66. choose a word to describe a sunset?:

67. when do you feel most lonely?:
-..when im with tons of strangers

68. what future discovery do you anticipate the most?:
- the cure for cancer.

69. what is the greatest music ever composed?:
- ..i dont know....

70. what's your favorite room in the house?:
- the basement.(: there's ice cream in the freezer down there xD

71. I really crack up when?:
- Tyler talks like a ghetto girl xDD

72. what was your most memorable birthday?:
- .
. my 15th..cause i was in the hospital

73. favorite tv show?:
- Tosh.0

74. favorite character from that show?:
- not really any characters....

75. favorite time of day?:
-5:30 am

76. what is your name?:


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