The Tenth Hunger Games (Mags' Year)

Hi everyone! This is a group story between me and MB95
Enjoy this story, about Mags' victory as the Tenth Hunger Games winner.

Chapter 1

The Reaping (Mags POV)

Everything was quiet as I made my way towards the square. The reaping would be held today. Unlike many others, I was familiar of this "reaping" task already; many hadn't adjusted to the Capitol's cruel new punishment towards these rebellious Districts. I wore a silk green dress that reflected nicely off my matching eyes, and jogged towards the square. I caught my friend Chloe's eyes in the crowd and smiled at her. Chloe was nervous and sad at this place, having lost her little sister Jem last year in the Games. District 4 did not have a mentor yet since no one had won from the ocean District. District 2 and 1 already had two apiece, but despite this, our tributes usually ganged up with each other, because four always has tough tributes. Carlos Wave, our District escort, smiled exaggeratedly at us saying, "Well, another year! Our tenth year of these LOVELY Games. Now who will represent?" He dug his large hand into the reaping bowl, glanced at us, and said loudly, "Chloe Jell." Chloe was awestruck, staring at me in disbelief. I did not hesitate or restrain my hand from popping upwards into the air. "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" Several pleased faces encouraged me on and I did, jogging to the stage with sudden confidence. Why was I doing this? My elegantly blonde hair wrapped around my face as I ran and several men hooted- alright, at fifteen, I guess I was kind of pretty. Chloe was screaming, begging me not to do this, to let her go, but I said kindly, "No, Chloe, go live your life. I am doing this." I was surprised at how strong my voice sounded. the crowd ate it up, cheering for me. "And what is your name?" Carlos asked me curiously. "Mags Cherlain," I said even louder than before. He laughed. "Well, Mags! You've made quite an impression! Volunteering, how brave!" I smiled modestly, shaking it off. I, Mags Cherlain, was never one to see innocent people suffer. I almost wanted to volunteer for every terrified face that was selected each year. But this one was a face that I loved. And I needed to keep Chloe safe. Carlos interupted my thoughts by announcing the male tribute's name. "Jett Stream." I watched as the handsome, heavily muscled male climbed the steps to stand beside me. He flashed me a respectful smile, though behind those green eyes, I could see his laughter. I wanted to scowl, but I didn't. He thought I was weak just because I was small. Oh, how I WOULD prove him wrong! "A lovely set of tributes," Carlos said happily. "We are bound to have a victor this year!" Carefully, I stepped onto the Justice Building steps and shut the door on the swarm of cameras. Before Jett could come up with some clever insult, I punched him square on the nose. Hard.

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