You stole my heart, just one look- A Harry Styles Love Story

Jaime Scott....moved to a new town, Holmes Chapel. When she happens to meet just the perfect person for her, but when she has to leave once again will she ever see him again?

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Chapter 4

Another meeting...

~ A.N: Thanks for all the support guys!

I love being here SO much more now! The past two weeks have been really awesome. Harry and I hang out quite alot. Actually, everyday. He's very fun to be around, and has made this move very enjoyable.

"It's not fair you don't have to go to school" He says debatingly as we sat at the breakfast bar in a little cafe.
"Hey, I still go to school!" I say defending myself
"Not actual school" Harry replys mockingly I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Online school is still school" I say stirring my drink with my straw "Trust me I'd rather be going somewhere with real people instead of annoying computer voice telling me I need my work wrong every two seconds"
"Then why don't you?- You could go to my school!" He says sarcastically over joyed
"That reminds me, you told me three days ago you were going to let me hear your band play" I say skeptically "Are you really a bad singer and don't want me to hear you sing?!" I mimicking a shocked little girl
"When the times right!" he says jumping off his chair and pointing to the sky as if he were some kind of god, suddenly his phone buzzed and he looked at me "Apparently the time is now!"

I laugh at him as he grabbed my hand pulling me off the chair and out the door, and we started running "Why are we running!" I ask
"Because my band practice started 10 minutes ago!" he yells back
"Smart Styles" I reply as he smiled back at me. That darn smile, it got me every time. That butterfly feeling hit me when I was around him...was I starting to fall for him...more now?

Finally we made it to a house, you could very much tell there was a band practice going on from the loud music coming from inside the garage. Harry knocked loudly on the door, the music stopped playing and someone must have hit the button so it would open. A drum set, two guitars and a mic with three boys standing there.

"Harry!" the boys say in a very reveled way then one of them noticed me "And friend!"
"Haydn, boys this is my friend Jaime.....Jaime this is my band " Harry says casually, I shook all their hands with them exchanging the usual nice to meet you sort of thing or where you from.
"Well come in, we need to get a move on" the one named Haydn says energetically. I walk in right next to Harry. I was a little nervous honestly, I wonder how awkward this will be? Harry turned to me,

"You can sit with Julies if you want while we practice, I think she'd be happy you were here" Harry says nodding to the girl sitting on a chair in the corner of the room.
"Oh right gotcha" I say patting him on the shoulder "Have fun"
Smiles...yeah I think if you smile one more time my heart is going to melt
I stroll over to the girl Harry was talking about "Hey, I'm Jaime" I happily say
"I'm Juiles, Haydn's girlfriend" she says. She was really pretty too, long brown hair and green eyes, and extremely nice. As the boys practiced we got to know each other, where were from, school, music, and other girl stuff.

It was nice to have a girl to talk to for once. Well I have Emma but I don't get to see her, and Harry well he's a guy so.

Harry did have one amazing voice though. I honestly didn't think he could sing when I first met him. But he proved me wrong. They finished their song and me and Julies did a little clap and cheer for them, laughing at ourselves too.

"Your turn!" Harry says walking over to me with the mic.
"What?!" I say shocked, Aha no way But he grabbed my hand, which was hard to resist.
"Your going to sing now" he says with a cheeky smile
"But-" I start to say but he's already sat down where I was and the boys were asking me what to play. The first thing that came to me was the one that had been stuck in my head. I guess they knew how to play it then.

The beat started playing and I looked at Harry and lipped I hate you but couldn't resist smiling at him,
"Love you too Jaime" He replyed loudly making me laugh before I began singing Here goes everything

I never knew
I never knew that everything was falling through
That everyone I knew was waiting on a queue
To turn and run when all I needed was the truth
But that's how it's got to be
It's coming down to nothing more than apathy
I'd rather run the other way than stay and see
The smoke and who's still standing when it clears
Everyone knows I'm in
Over my head
Over my head
With eight seconds left in overtime

~Over My Head by The Fray <3

There was a clapping and cheering sound. Oh gosh I just started laughing from all the nerves. Harry came up quickly and hugged me lifting me off the ground.

"You were amazing!" Harry says with his huge smile
"I wasn't that good..." I say still laughing I must look like the biggest retard right now
"Harry right you were really good!" Julies says
"We know who we could get to replace you now Harry" Will says putting his drum sticks down and coming over to the rest of us.
"Well...thank you!" I finally let out
"Lets get some food!" Nick yells from outside the garage

To be continued...

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