You stole my heart, just one look- A Harry Styles Love Story

Jaime Scott....moved to a new town, Holmes Chapel. When she happens to meet just the perfect person for her, but when she has to leave once again will she ever see him again?

(Please correct me on anything I miss state thanks!)

Chapter 3

The To Do List

A.N Thanks for reading, I've been really busy but I have many new ideas! If you guys think of anything cool, comment or message me. Oh and this takes place about 6 or 7 months before they audition for X-Factor. And this chp is pretty long SORRY!

Bing, Bong, Bing My phone went off.... 8 o'clock who could it possibly be? If its Emma I will kill her! She knows theres a time difference, and I'm trying to sleep it off!
I look down at the phone..... Harry Oh gosh
Harry: Ready for a big day Miss Jaime?!

I sigh yet smile. He seems nice...very nice looking too if you know what I mean, but I just met him. Oh Jaime just say yes!

Me: Yeah where should I meet you?

Oh what am I doing? You need a new start Jaime, this is good! Mason ruined your relationship-ness! Forget him!

I can't stop debating myself....oh yes Mason. My ex, he was a jerk ended up cheating on me. I didn't tell him I knew though, thought I could just forget it and pretend I didn't know, till he broke up with me and then I still never told him I knew. Thats me, always wanting to make the other person happy, instead of myself.

My phone buzzed Harry texted me saying him to meet him in town around noon later. Oh I just need to get use to the time difference first then I'll be ok..... 2 more hours of sleep thank you!

~2 hours later~

Oh gosh I'm still exhausted....getting out of the house will hopefully help, I guess. And meeting new people Great Idea...again I guess.

I fixed my hair and did a little makeup, then ran down my stairs and walk into the kitchen to see my dads still here.

"Where are you going so early?" He asks holding his coffee mug, looks like hes ready for work.
"Um met someone yesterday that was going to show me around today" I say trying to think of the next question he may ask
"Who?" he questions, Thought you might ask that
"This guy I met" I quietly say "Well I'm going to head out" I start turning around when he decides to speak again
"Just don't get to attached love" he says justifiably, but he's right "And remember Jaime, if you get into any trouble today, all the people back at the station know your my daughter" he added Great
"Yeah I know" I mutter back and kiss him on the cheek before heading out the door.

Now the only problem is, I have no car, not that I could drive but how many people would pull me over here?. This should be fun.
The walks not to bad, ten maybe fifteen minutes at the most, helps me get use to the area. Now to find that place again.

I walk into town for another minute or two when I see him leaning up against some car in front of some sort of little coffee shop.

"Hello there" Harry says grinning once I get closer
"Hi" I reply I look at him curiously for a second "So what do you have planned?"
"Uh, I have a few things in mind" he answers standing up straight and opening the car door and gesturing for me to go into the passenger seat.
"Oh so you can drive" I look at him with a smile "that's good I've been walking everywhere since I got here" He walked around to the driver side and slid in.

"Only a learner's permit sadly" he explains "So if we get pulled over...well lets try not to"
I laughed for a second "Gotcha"
"So here's what were going to do, to get you to know dear Holmes Chapel more and to get to know each other more we're going to play a game" he says as if he was the teacher and I was a student.
"What kind of game?" I ask as I bucket my seat belt.
"It's called the to-do list" he grabbed something from the back seat, a orange little bucket, I gave him a questioning look

"As I ,Harry, tour us around this little town, you, Jaime, will be drawing out questions from this ...bucket" he tells me.
"Sounds interesting enough" I nod
"Great," he says smiling again- This guy can defiantly smile- and started the cars engine "And were off"

We started driving around the town and pretty much everywhere around Holmes Chapel. He was really funny, he explained every place and added some funny remark about it, I questioned him in the exact same way. It had only been an hour and I was having a blast.
I'd pull out a question every so often, the questions were pretty simple: Whats your favorite color? Animal? Food? Place to go? How old are you? -/Which I clearly said I would be 16 in 2 month, he seemed interested by that/- Family?...when that came up it was a little harder.

"Well" I sigh "I live with my dad....not my mum or my brother"
"Are they divorced?" he asked, -/He had just explained his parents were divorced when he was younger/- looking at me quickly then the road.

"You could say that" I reply thinking how to explain it "My...mum left us when I was 4, she got into ....stuff when she went undercover one time and got addicted, didn't want to stop and she just left one day. And my brother died in a car crash 2 years ago" Just saying that brought up many, many bad memories

"Oh I'm sorry" he says with concern in his voice, he must have seen that I was on the verge of tears
"Yeah its ok" I answer back.
We must have been thinking the same thing, since at the same moment we both went to grab another question from the bucket, creating that awkward hand touch. He glanced at me - Oh isn't this more awkward Jaime- and of course me being me I glanced back. He had really amazing eyes. Wait why is does the car feel like were turning...Oh no

"Harry!" I yell looking up and snapping him back to reality and causing him to notice and swerve, but thankfully getting us back on track. We both sighed with re leaf, then quickly started laughing.

"That was close" he says
"Yeah remind me never to let you drive me around again" I sarcastically say
"So near death experiences aren't fun?" he asks in the same tone
"Oh no I live for them" I add laughing a bit
"That's good because when I'm driving who knows what will happen" Harry remarks

Suddenly from behind us I could hear sirens. Oh great...just what we need
Then the flashing lights. Yup this is not good, and oh yeah Harry only has a permit. As Harry pulled over to the side of the road I quickly remembered what my dad told me this morning. I hit my palm to my forehead to cover my face and slid down into the seat.

"You alright there?" Harry asks me
"No" I say peeking through my fingers to see him "Not at all"
"Whats-" But before he could say anything I looked around for something to make the officer not recognize me.
"Glasses!" I say
"What?" he looks at me as if I was crazy
"Do you have glasses, something to hide my face!" I say quickly
"Now why would you want to do that?" he asks smoothly
"I'll explain in a minute, just hurry" I say as I could see the officer coming closer.
"Here" he handed me a pair of aviator sunglasses.

I put them on, Worth a shot
The officer came and talked to Harry. Apparently this was not the first time this has happened. Harry calmly and smoothly used his very charming way to get let off again some how. The officer then turned to me.

"And who is this?" he asks with his very British sounding voice
"Oh this is my new friend Jaime" Harry answers with a cheeky smile, little did he know he just blew my cover.
"Jaime...Scott?" the man says then smiles "New head detectives girl?"
"That would be me" I say leaning over to look at the man
"Your fathers got us keeping an eye on you" he says again
Harry looked over at me, I gave him a side smile saying Sorry

"Well if thats all officer I'd be glad to get going" Harry says starting the engine again
"Not so fast there Mr.Styles'' The officer says "We'll be towing your car back to your mother this time" Harry sighed
"Alright" he says getting out and grabbing the bucket, I also got out of the car, "See you later Charles"

"Sure charmed your way out of that one" I say walking beside him. We were at the end of town closer to the houses now.
"Well I am very charming aren't I" He mentions
"Defiantly" I say in return mimicking his smile and pushing the sun-glasses onto my nose more
"Like me to walk you home,seeing that we don't have a car anymore" he asks
"Sure" I say "I'm just around the corner"

We started talking about school, and how hes in a band. I told him I can sing a little. He wanted to hear me sometime, I told him the same thing. Questions and answers flew out of no where. There was defiantly some sort of chemistry, it was interesting.

"Nice place" he says when we came to my doorstep
"Yeah I guess it is" I shrug. He looked down at the little orange bucket
"One question left" he says "Would you do the honors?"
"I shall" I say and pull out the single slip of paper and read it aloud "Would you like to do this again?"

Harry and I exchanged smiles "Nah" I say
"Really? I thought you were having fun. After that near death experience and being pulled over" he says detecting my sarcastic reply
"I'm kidding" I say "Oh course I would"
"Great!" he replys happily
"Well you have my number so just call me" I tell him as I open the door to walk in
"Oh my glasses" He says running back up to my steps
"No I think I'll keep them" I say
"I guess they do look quite nice on you" he admits smiling
"Just another exuse to see me tomorrow Harry" I smirk back halfway through my door way
"Why do I need an exuse to see someone as gorgeous as you" He winks and I shake my head smiling, waved him goodbye, shut the door and started texting Emma about my day...

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