You stole my heart, just one look- A Harry Styles Love Story

Jaime Scott....moved to a new town, Holmes Chapel. When she happens to meet just the perfect person for her, but when she has to leave once again will she ever see him again?

(Please correct me on anything I miss state thanks!)

Chapter 2

It was him

A.N I have no idea what they sell at this bakery so bare with me, and if you know comment and I'll fix it!

I casually stroll into the small bakery, tucking my phone in my back pocket.
"Be right with you" I hear a voice from the back call and then continues to talk to somebody on the phone

Ok then...? So what is there...ehh Hovis bread? Is there any like...muffins?..well theres pie sounds good enough for right now
Glancing at the other food on display, whoever works here starts walking out still on the phone of course, me being a great ease dropper, I could make out a couple things....something about a gig?

Suddenly he stops talking, on the other line I could hear them trying to get their attention... I kept looking at the other foods trying not to make it obvious I was listening to their conversation.

"I'm gonna have to call you back" he says and hangs up his phone, I look up to see who this person was.... It was him My very attractive admirer, I took a step back. He grinned

"Your that girl that was in that van and '' then he start reenacting me hitting my head, I couldn't help but to start laughing I must have looked like a complete idiot

"Yeah that was me... I was pretty stressed out just moved here" I admit with a smile rocking back and fourth on my heels
"Ah let me guess... judging by your accent.." he says squinting his eyes a little and looking at me "Scottish...?"
"Yup, Glasgow. It's huge compared to here" I reply
"Well your accents cute" he says grinning
I felt my cheeks get warm Ahh don't blush Jaime! "...thanks"
"Your defiantly see anything you like?" he asks
"Uhh well" I say trying to think..... Oh what a cheesy pick up line that was, Hah don't try to foul me for a second Bakery boy!
"How 'bout some pie!" he says happily
"Suuuure" I say "Why not"

"So Miss Scotland" he says as I pay for it "Why did you move here to little Holmes Chappel?"
"My dad's job. He thought it'd be easier for us both if we lived here" I honestly say "But frankly I dunno what to do, I get bored to easily sometimes"

"Really?!" he says raising his eyebrows
"Yes really" I say giggling
"Well let me help you out!" he says and slides over the counter, he was surprisingly taller than me...only a little "Harry Edward Styles at your service!" he held out his hand. I gave him my hand thinking he'd shake it but ended up kissing the top of it
"Jaime" I say smiling "Scott"
"What no middle name?" Harry asks
"Alice" I smirk
"Jamie Alice Scott, what a nice name" he says grinning He had a really nice smile
"Same with you Harry Edward Styles" I say flirty Yes two can play at this game

"So Harry what is there to do around here?" I ask
"Loads of stuff" Harry replys
"You'll find out tomorrow" he says with a wink
"Fine" I say complying
"Now just give me your number and we'll be all set" he says obviously trying to keep a straight face
"Oh so this little schema was all along just to get my number hmm?" I joke and pull out a pen
"Oh yes the whole time" he says smiling as I take his hand again write it down.
"Well see you tomorrow ... Harry" I say walking out the door
"Good-bye Jaime Alice, until tomorrow!" he says sarcastically. I waved him bye and he smiled once again like he did earlier when I first met him.

Well tomorrow shall be interesting! I wonder what we could possibly do here, I'm excited to find out.

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