You stole my heart, just one look- A Harry Styles Love Story

Jaime Scott....moved to a new town, Holmes Chapel. When she happens to meet just the perfect person for her, but when she has to leave once again will she ever see him again?

(Please correct me on anything I miss state thanks!)

Chapter 1

Moving in....


"I think that it dear!" My dad says closing the moving truck's trunk
"Cool" I say sarcastically. Hey wasn't my idea to move
"Come on this'll be good" he comforts me
"Yeah" I mumble and grab my bag and follow my dad into the small house we had just bought in Holmes Chapel, seems to me like a small little town (Well it is) but it looks really nice. I'm just playing all depressed to make my dad feel bad about moving to here from Scotland.

First thing I saw in the new house, Stair. Awesome then a little hallway to the kitchen and the living room to the right. On the oposite sides of he hallways were the masterbed (Dad's room) and to the left of the hall way a sitting room with a nice window.

"I'm going up stairs" I say acting sad again
"Got it love" he yells from the kitchen.
The stairs aren't too bad for being an older house. White railing and a little chipped, I could paint it though. One of the things I love doing.

I got a little excited when I realized I was getting the whole upstairs to myself. Total loft style. Medium empty space right after you walk up the stairs with a view to the entrance it was all open. There was one...two doors. Two bedrooms to be exact. Of course I took the bigger one with the bathroom, Hey I'm a girl don't blame me

I looked at myself in the mirror Nice Jaime I thought looking at my hair in the floppy messy bun it was in, I just laughed and tried to fix my oh so complicated hair. Well it was different. Long, past my chest, and the colors consisted of a honey brown hair with a bit of red if you looked very closely. I gave up at looked at my deep blue eyes. Apparently they were like my mothers.

I ran down the stairs after hearing my dad talking to someone in the kitchen. He was on his cellular, I creep into the kitchen and peered in. He hung up.

"Sorry about the love" he says sighing, "Work just called double murder back in the city, they'd like me to go check it out if you'll be ok here by yourself"

Every time he got called in it gave me shivers, he was a detective, one of the best....thats why we moved here to England and away from Scotland

I nodded my head ''Yeah I'll survive"
He shot me a sympathetic look "I'll be back before dinner I promise"
"Okie" I answer sighing and sitting on the kitchen counter
"I know your not that happy about this whole move Jaime but can we make the best of it for now?" my dad asks in his very Scottish accent, compared to my soft and sweet one as people described it.
I rolled my eyes but managed to smile at him "Yes I'll try"
"Well then I'll be back" he says grabbing his coat and heading out the door but stopped "Oh love would you do me one favor?"
"Yes dear father?"I jokingly say
He smiled ''Could you take the moving van into town, there's a shop that's going to return it for us"

The thought of him trusting me driving was a little exciting "Of course!"

After about 10mins of him leaving I grabbed my bag and the keys to the van and hopped in. So town lets see this little place
Within some time I was starting to feel a little home sick. Missing my friends, and the places. I hadn't any other family but my father....well my mother but..
that's another story.

I stopped down the street from the shop and just starred into space thinking.. Why was I hear? I didn't have a say in this I guess. Where was my mother exactly in all this? Dead? No certainly not but some days I just pretend shes dead because shes as good as dead to me. My mother left us when I was 5, she was tired of that life. She was a drunk, did what she wanted, loved us once but moved on quickly. I saw her a few times when I was younger but stopped when I grew into the stage of realizing she didn't care, I cried but learned to be strong. I got through it. These days I barely miss her, which saddens me to know I don't miss a mother.

I slowly hit my head on the steering wheel a couple times,from frustration making the horn go off a couple times.
Sitting up I realized I had an admirer... an attractive one. Brown curly hair and looked like he had grayish eyes. He smiled at me waved Wow he had one amazing smile, I gave my famous smirking smile and looked at the ground of the car. That was interesting I looked over and saw him slowly walking away looking back at me many times.

Well lets return this van and go explore the town. A man with a very thick Cockney accent promised me he would be driving moving van, it was a bit hard to understand but he got the message across well.
Looks like I'll be walking now since my dad took our car. Won't be that bad. Suddenly my phone rang, I got a text from my bestie Emma.
Emma: Hey Girly! How good ol' England?
Me: Ehh not to bad so far, walking around the town
Emma: How exciting :p

Small shops, people walking, it had that nice little town feeling, I'm liking it a little more now. Hmm Bakery, lets try this

Me: Yeaaah its a cute little town though
Emma: I'm sure it is, look I gotta got to work call me later?
Me: Of course bye

Let's see what this place has to offer

A.N This is just the first little segment, I have a lot of stuff planned to write so I hope it was ok!

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