Guys, I Need Some Advice... :(

Advice please?
puppy dog eyes

Chapter 1

So, Heres My Deal...

So... I've known this guy for a long time(lets call him Alex), and he and his brother are good friends of mine. I introduced them to my friend, Pan(she likes to be called that. Idk why.). Now, Pan says she likes Alex. Shes all odsesive fangirling over him like crazy!!! She asked me if I liked him that way and I told her no, but now that I think about it... I really do like him... Like, really really like him... But if I tell her that, she'll be mad at me! And I cant tell his brother. He'll just tease me like, "Aww!!! Little Eva's got a crush on my brother!" And weird cutsie stuff like that. D: What should I do...?

~your very confused friend, Eva


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