Panic~A Justin Bieber Love Story

I know, i know. i have three other stories going but this came to me. plus i never thought i would write a JB love story. hope you enjoy

Chapter 3

At The Hotel With The Guys

Emily's P.O.V.

We had been talking about what to do now but I know I lost consciousness again.

It this time it came with a lot of dreams.

"When we get back to the house I’m gonna bang you so hard...” Chris's harsh voice whispered in the dark.

A gunshot sounded and blood splattered everywhere.

I saw my dad's lifeless eyes he fell to the ground.

"We love you Emily" My mom's pained voice told me with her last breath.

I bolted upright, not sure where I was, with my heart racing.
Then I remembered.
Justin had taken me and was prob wherever he was staying.
Then again I’m not some crazed fan so I wouldn’t know where that was.
I looked around the room and it was really nice.
There were big windows with nice cream colored curtains keeping the light out.
The rest of the room looked like a hotel with a desk, chair, night stand, you know the works.
The color scheme was obvious white-on-cream-on-white.
I realized then that I didn’t know what time it was or what day.
I glanced at the clock and saw it was 4:44 in the morning.
Time to make a wish.

I slowly got out of bed groaning as I staggered to the bathroom to freshen up cuz no way in hell was I gonna go back to bed.
Turning on the light only to be blinded was not a smart idea.
Once my eyes had adjusted, I noticed the floor length mirror.
What hotel gives you a floor length mirror?!
I decided to take advantage of it and stood in front of it.
I was wearing a baggy t-shirt and my legs were bear.
Refusing to think about how that had happened I examined the many bruises and small cuts I had received in the past few days.
There were several ascending up my legs, a few which looked like fingers on my arms, and of course everything on my face.
I noticed I had lost weight but not the right way.
My hair was matted with dirt and blood.
I wasn’t sure were the blood came from but I had a feeling it wasn’t my own.

It was defiantly time to take a shower.
I cranked the water on high and examined my choices of shampoo, conditioner, and soap.
There were several bottles of Axe that I was positive belonged to the guys.
During this inspection I saw the couple bottles of woman soap.
I knew these had to be his girlfriends' soap.
Being the over analyzer I am I wasn’t sure which to use.
I decided to just use the latter because I’m sure Selena wouldn’t want me to come out smelling like her bf.

I hopped in and basked in the wonderful feeling of warm water.
I grabbed the raspberry scented body wash and was surprised when I realized it had never been used.
That’s weird, I thought.
After and painful scrubbing I washed my hair three times for extra measure.
I normally don’t wash my hair more than once.
The shampoo and conditioner bottles were also unused.
This puzzled me.
Why were there unused soap bottles when he had a girlfriend?
Filing the information away, I stepped over the rim of the tub and wrapped the waiting towel around my body.
I quietly opened the bathroom door and made sure it was empty before I stepped into it.
I clicked the lamp on and looked around for my clothes.
My black ones were nowhere to be found but a set of clothes were folded neatly on the chair.
There was a note and my glasses on top of the stack.
Putting my glasses on, I read the note.
We checked your sizes and hope these will fit.
After you change come to room 812.
I don’t care what time it is.
Here’s the key.
I should be upset that they changed me for me and went through my clothes like stalkers but I knew the guys were just trying to help.
So I didn’t get upset.
I set the note aside and unfolded the clothes.

There was a pair of white skinny jeans, a black V-neck t-shirt, and a pair of white socks.
I was glad to note that I wouldn’t have to change underwear and my bra cuz then I would p!ssed if they had checked those articles of clothing.
I slipped into the clothes easily happy they fit well.
There was also a beautiful key locket on a chain.
After a little hesitation I put it on.
Spotting my shoes on the night stand I pulled them on.
I swung my bag on my shoulder, picked up the room key for Justin's room and my key for my room, and left.
Glancing at the door told me I was on floor 7.
I sighed and wandered until I found the elevator.
Stepping inside the empty compartment I punched the 8 button.
With a ding the doors slid open.

The door with the numbers 812 had a bodyguard who nodded to me, took my key, and opened the door for me.
“Thanks.” I said.
“Anytime. The names Kenny.” He said with a smile.
“The guys are asleep but jumping on them is the most effective way of waking them up.”
“Alrighty.” I replied with a mischievous grin.

I walked into the room and heard the door quietly close behind me.
There was a door leading off from the room in front of me.
This room I was guessing was like a family room cuz it had a T.V. and couch.
I slowly and quietly made my way to the bedroom.
I felt like a stalker.
Oh well.
I pushed lightly on the door and it silently swung open.
All the boys were sprawled across the furniture in awkward positions as if they had been watching the door.
I was touched they had stayed up all night waiting for me.
But now it was time to be a b^!ch.
I crouched.
Then I sprang and landed of top of Justin.
I was giggling and jumping up and down on the bed.
“Hey! I was peacefully sleeping about ch- I mean puppies and you ruined it!” Chaz cried.
“Get back here!” Ryan yelled.
“Nope! You gotta catch me!” I yelled caught in the moment.
I hopped off the bed and ran out into the living room.
Somehow two bodies were already there.
Justin and Christian.
Oh Hell I’m in for it.
“Gottcha.”Justin smirked throwing me over his shoulder.
“Whoa there horsy! Who said you could man-handle me?!”
“Horsy? Excuse me? Do I look like a horse?”
“You really don’t want me to answer that.”
He looked at me.
I grinned.
“You just got burned Justin.” Christian said while howling with laughter.
“I wonder just how ticklish our friend here is?” Justin mused out loud.
Oh sh^!.
I was super ticklish and couldn’t do one thing about it.
I went very still over his shoulder.
“I guess we’re about to find out.” he said.
Justin threw onto the bed and stated tickling me.
I shrieked.
“No! Stop! I surrender! White flag!”
I squirming underneath him as I tried to get away.
Panic flashed through me.
I knew it was illogical but it still did.
I couldn’t get away.
I gasped for breath.
“Justin please get off.”
He did without a word.
Nobody was laughing now.
Cuz we all knew the bad stuff was about to come crashing down.

A/N:K y'all i know the chapters are longer and more descriptive but bare with me please. and if you want to see her two outfits here are the links.

I love you all! Thanks for reading!


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